War King

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Kings of Na3/Na4.To join Guild stat req 350 minimum.Msg Warpaths/Giggle moo ingame with stats if intrested in joining. Leaders discord Warpath#3311.HAIL WAR!!

Members: 70

Wasted In Anatomy

Hello. This is Wasted In Anatomy a.k.a. WIA.. We're welcoming players that has 150+ stats. Just DM Valcanic#8090 on discord or Drs Valcanic in Rucoy Online... Enjoy your stay in one Happy Community

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We Are Pro

Oto WAP (we are pro) Guild dla Polaków Leder: kaneki ken eull 2 acc bossmanq Vice leder: enoshima junko W tej guild są zasady Zakaz gangowania (chyba że w obronie guild albo wrogów) Zakaz zabijania lov lvl (chyba ze wrogów) I zakaz zabijania guild (grozi banem to ostatnie) Soj: black power skill Wojny: il honors il , gwardia

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Weed Squad

Hey 😜 we are looking for nice players for clan from level 100 stats and main we are german and english speaking. For Joining tell me ingame or on discord my name is: Zentura We are glad about everybody.💯🤙 Follow my Instagram: Rucoy_Online_Zentura

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West Night Club

Nenhuma força é maior que nosso destino para sermos cada vez mais unidos, mais fortes, mais heróis!! -------- HAIL WNC ------

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White Dragons

Wir sind Deutsch,englisch und friedlich bitte niemanden provozieren und kein Streit machen ☺. Und macht der Gilde bitte keine Feinde Falls ihr joinen wollt müsst ihr ingame Dragon Gott Op oder Dragon Gott anschreiben

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White Wolf

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Wladcy Kresek


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Wolf Pack

Hello and thank u for reading Wolf Pack is looking for LOYAL Members and stats 300+ to 250+ if there is a chance u lie about some thing u will not be trusted any more drops and events will be announced on Discord...

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Na escuridão ou na luz, ninguém ficará em paz, porque os Wolfs sempre te deixarão em tormento! 🐺 HAIL WOLFS🐺

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Wooden Bears

Wooden Bears🐻 Server: eu1😎 Lider Supremo: Tomatito cherry😎 Lider: Grupo De Facebook: Rucoy online bears También tenemos grupo de WhatsApp y Facebook Cantera: Garden Bear Lider De GB: Anthony

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Xi Fixiq

New guilds 2020!!!need stat 150.must be active.... HAIL Xi

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Xl Light Of Hipe Xl

Capas que nadie lea esto pero se pone, la meta de este gremio es ayudar a todos y ser respetados aún con niveles 1 los requisitos irán subiendo poco a poco según los miembros participantes.

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Xnight Of Lightmare

A (XNOL) mudará o mundo do rucoy, e que com nossa cooperação em conjunto se tornaremos mais fortes. Mesmo com nossa vitória nós continuaremos a busca um prémio melhor do que a vitória. (Juntos nós seremos imbatíveis!) guild aliadas: MFT

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Xx Husaria Xx

Czeeść zapraszam do tej gildi od: 250skila lvl 300 Rekrutacja- pisz do Enejo Games albo aktywnych członków

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The land of the brave kill or be killed. NO TIES TO NO MAN

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Somos uma familia,Buscamos a evolução Defendemos a honestidade e o respeito acima de tudo. Hail Ykz! YOUTUBE: Yakuza Rucoy

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Yellow Out

🔒GUILD FECHADA 🔒 DONO: nisho senpai

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Young Flexer


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Yung Noob World

Just a guild with a lot of friends and fights! No stats required only thing is to be chill and prepared for wars! Good Luck !

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----------------Zakon-------------- To polska gildia, wszyscy z 200+ lvl w niej są mile widziani. Miła atmosfera i ludzie. Przyjmowani są gracze lvl 200+

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Zakon Fenix

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Recruitment min. 375 lvl 350+ skill,more info priv Sexy Cute Death.

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Welcome ZeeNation it's your boy Ashton, if you want to join please send me a request, and I'll put you in the guild ASAP. I am however looking for a guild master to take the role seriously. I will be second in command. I need someone that plays the game, and can keep playing. We all know how flakey I can be.

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Zero Limit

Hello Rucoy Players Sorry for the times when Zl was a Guild with a lot of Gankers, Abusers, Scammers… The Leaders are so sorry for that times, but they are gone! we kicked all scammers and toxic ppl. If there is a Problem with 1 of the ZL members PM Asuna Zl Zle, Domeb or Natzer Venoms. We aren't in zl now because we help some friendly guilds if you want to join ask us we come back when we get more invites your Zero Limit Team. On Discord Asuna ZL ZLE#1855, Natzer Venoms#5650, domeb#2177

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This guild is leaded by Zimtberg and Itz Waffel as leader, Gandalfpups as co-leader and Stranger Girl as coco-leader! If you want to join and your base is 200+, main 250+ and 2. 150+, write us ingame pls. Our guildcolors are 1+2 black and 3+4 blue. WIR SIND DEUTSCH UND ENGLISCH💪💪🦄! #noscamming #dieGefährten #ZimtvorZucker ~Gandalfpups war hier Damn

Members: 35

Ziomy Kox Pl Team

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