Walking Dead

Members: 3

Wandering Souls

Not all who wonder are lost, Created on October 10th 2019, Requirements are 200+ stats and preferably 175+ base. Currently a work in progress, soon more!

Members: 15

War King

Members: 1


LONG LIVE WAR!! Required Stats 400+ Leader Discord (Warpaths#3311)

Members: 76

Warriors Of Ice

Members: 5

Wasted In Anatomy

Hello. This is Wasted In Anatomy a.k.a. WIA.. We're welcoming players that has 150+ stats. Just DM Valcanic#8090 on discord or Drs Valcanic in Rucoy Online... Enjoy your stay in one Happy Community

Members: 2

Watch Dogs

Members: 31

We Are Pro

Oto WAP (we are pro) Guild dla Polaków Leder: kaneki ken eull 2 acc bossmanq Vice leder: enoshima junko W tej guild są zasady Zakaz gangowania (chyba że w obronie guild albo wrogów) Zakaz zabijania lov lvl (chyba ze wrogów) I zakaz zabijania guild (grozi banem to ostatnie) Soj: black power skill Wojny: il honors il , gwardia

Members: 5

Weed Squad

Hey 😜 we are looking for nice players for clan from level 100 stats and main we are german and english speaking. For Joining tell me ingame or on discord my name is: Zentura We are glad about everybody.💯🤙 Follow my Instagram: Rucoy_Online_Zentura

Members: 1

West Night Club

Nenhuma força é maior que nosso destino para sermos cada vez mais unidos, mais fortes, mais heróis!! -------- HAIL WNC ------

Members: 8

White Dragons

Wir sind Deutsch,englisch und friedlich bitte niemanden provozieren und kein Streit machen ☺. Und macht der Gilde bitte keine Feinde Falls ihr joinen wollt müsst ihr ingame Dragon Gott Op oder Dragon Gott anschreiben

Members: 2

White Wolf

Members: 24

Wladcy Kresek

Pv w grze Andzio Brak specjalnych wymagań powstaną one z czasem rozwoju gildii

Members: 4

Wm Aldea Del Sonido Wm

Sea Bienvenido al Gremio más callado y misterioso, para participar y se parte de nuestra aldea debe que conllevar los siguientes stasd(skills): +120 (para niveles comunes ), y +100 (para lvl -10 al -70). Si cumples con los requisitos debes comunicarte con los líderes ''Kabuto Hitachi'' () ''Kabuto Ja'' (). ∆Gracias por leer∆

Members: 33

Wolf Pack

Hello and thank u for reading Wolf Pack is looking for LOYAL Members and stats 300+ to 250+ if there is a chance u lie about some thing u will not be trusted any more drops and events will be announced on Discord...

Members: 1


Na escuridão ou na luz, ninguém ficará em paz, porque os Wolfs sempre te deixarão em tormento! 🐺 HAIL WOLFS🐺

Members: 27

Wooden Bears

Wooden Bears. Actualmente estamos reclutando nuevos miembros con un Skills 300+, es obligatorio que sean activos, si no estas activo en 5 días sin explicación serás expulsado - Servidor Principal: Europe1, de todo tipos de países hispano, ALLYS: Warriors, Death Legends Y Satanic Sect Zib, Si deseas unirte a esta guild contactar con el líder: Tomatito Cherry o Co lideres: Kal Dark Kinght, Evil Rebel, Aas sksk y Sz Zetsu Wb Sz

Members: 22


Members: 1

Xi Fixiq

New guilds 2020!!!need stat 150.must be active.... HAIL Xi

Members: 1

Xl Light Of Hipe Xl

Capas que nadie lea esto pero se pone, la meta de este gremio es ayudar a todos y ser respetados aún con niveles 1 los requisitos irán subiendo poco a poco según los miembros participantes.

Members: 9

Xnight Of Lightmare

A (XNOL) mudará o mundo do rucoy, e que com nossa cooperação em conjunto se tornaremos mais fortes. Mesmo com nossa vitória nós continuaremos a busca um prémio melhor do que a vitória. (Juntos nós seremos imbatíveis!) guild aliadas: MFT

Members: 38

Xtales Of Indignationx

Hail Toi!

Members: 2

Xx Husaria Xx

Beeeka zapraszam każdy lvl hail Hrs

Members: 3


The land of the brave kill or be killed. NO TIES TO NO MAN

Members: 1


Somos uma familia,Buscamos a evolução Defendemos a honestidade e o respeito acima de tudo. Hail Ykz! YOUTUBE: Yakuza Rucoy

Members: 113

Yellow Out

GUILD ABERTA😋 Guild de boss e farme entra qualquer lv e skill DONO: onir

Members: 18

Young Flexer


Members: 1

Yung Noob World

Just a guild with a lot of friends and fights! No stats required only thing is to be chill and prepared for wars! Good Luck !

Members: 4


Miłej gry.

Members: 2

Zakon Fenix

Members: 4


Recruitment min. 375 lvl 350+ skill,more info priv Sexy Cute Death.

Members: 1


Welcome ZeeNation it's your boy Ashton, if you want to join please send me a request, and I'll put you in the guild ASAP. I am however looking for a guild master to take the role seriously. I will be second in command. I need someone that plays the game, and can keep playing. We all know how flakey I can be.

Members: 1

Zero Limit

Hey we search active members for our guild! no stats or level required! Guild language is english/german.

Members: 26


This guild is leaded by Zimtberg and Itz Waffel as leader, Gandalfpups as co-leader! If you want to join and your main stat is 150+, write us ingame pls. Our guildcolors are 1+2 black and 3+4 blue. #noscamming #dieGefährten #ZimtvorZucker

Members: 38

Ziomy Kox Pl Team

Members: 1

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