Español and English!! 😁🤗☆Es el primer Guild en la lista no por que sea uno de los mejores, Pero si vamos camino a serlo! Cualquiera es bienvenido, Si quieres unirte, Soy el leader, Escribeme a (lwl Demonio lwl) o a mis coo-leaders (Demonio Rucoyy) y (Eternal doe)☆●●● Is the first guild on the list, Not because we are the best, But we are on the way to do it! Anyone is welcome, If you want to join PM me at (lwl Demonio lwl) or to my coo-leaders (Demonio Rucoyy) and (Eternal doe) Have fun! 😵🤬😇🧟‍♂️☠💎🗡🛡🏹

Members: 77

Abacaxi De Luxo

Nos juntos seremos melhores que todo mundo

Members: 11

Absolut Dreams

Bem vindo a "Absolut Dreams" Estamos na luta por uma Vitoria justa, Hail ABS, Recrutamos 275+ Na vida você precisa Sonhar, ter Forças para a Luta, vontade para Vencer e Fé para que o impossivel começe a acontecer. (Discord:tedyziinho Abs #5943)

Members: 56

Academia Snd

*"Que meus inimigos sejam fortes e bravos para que eu não sinta remorsos ao derrotá-los"* Aqui é o início para engrenar na Spirit Never Die!

Members: 62

Academy Bdjl

Hello everyone this guild will need 250+stats to join and level 250+ to there is 1 thing you need to know Hail Bdjl

Members: 3

Academy Of Ko

👊one family, one guild👊 ▶pvm & pvp daily ▶ events weekly ▶active players ▶active discord ° (level 200+ Base/ 250+ skill)° PM @"Ko God Typhon" for more info! ☑ нαιℓ к.σ. !

Members: 4


Members: 1


A Guild BR mais antiga do Rucoy. "Não existe triunfo sem perda, não há vitória sem sofrimento, não há liberdade sem sacrifício.."

Members: 74

Akatsuki Academy

Recrutamento Aberto, Se vc deseja fazer parte da família Akatsuki, Aqui é o início, Lv e Skill 300+, Falar Com Akt Zombie, Akt Diabolic ou Akt Tusken.

Members: 63


No pain, no gain.

Members: 12

Alpha And Omega

We are a family that sticks beside one another, if one falls the other falls. But if we stay together we will always come out winning, just play and have fun. Requirements are Level 250+ 300+ stats stay active and stay loyal 🤙🤙

Members: 36

Al Qaeda

💣Vida longa há nossos inimigos para que eles possam um dia aplaudir de pé a nossa vitória! Nosso objetivo: Ser uma guilda melhor, não perfeita, apenas melhor que ontem. Guilda Aliada: New Kaira💥

Members: 65


Welcome in golden city Amber on Kolvir mountain in center of universe. (lang: CZ & EN)

Members: 3

Anbu Black Ops

A Guild That Likes Skulling And Getting Stronger 175 Stat requirement

Members: 1


Pro guild for pro and ancient players... Leader : Enemyx

Members: 14


An English speaking guild with a strong Hierarchy, opportunistic community and a friendly, welcoming guild leader. We have a discord! Message Rubuom!

Members: 5

Aussie Pride

This guild is all about help after that comes fun, we will make it our number 1 to help everyone in the guild get to where they want to go as long as it's not a ridiculous request. After we have fun we pvp honorable and we try not Ks , 420 friendly, facebook chat if needed.

Members: 3


💎Awaken💎 ________________________bem vindos a Awaken\\AwA. Guild localizada no servidos south América 5 "Nos temos um motivo,voce só prescisa saber..." RECRUTAMOS=skill 200+ _____________Lider-jeronimo & Hugo______________Guild aliada:(Lost Family)

Members: 54


Hola bienvenidos al clan Aztecas las reglas son simples 1.estar en cualquier servidor de europa molestar a los clanes 3.ser activos y si quieren imbitar a alguien diganme por mensages el nombre Tienen que tener porlomenos 150+ de skills.

Members: 3

Bande De Joyeux Loufoques

Welcome to the Bdjl Guild, a hardcore guild for hardcore players, a guild of honor, war and love. Readiness is in our hearts and blood, and we shall never change. Hail Bdjl, live long. Requirements: 400+ skills.

Members: 107


Baron is the ultimate Turk-Global clan, established in eu4. Our clan policy and vision is to have a good time and have a lot of fun. Other than that, we aim for the highest in the clan. Baron is one of the rare dignified clans who never changer there attitude. Our stat requirement is 350. Members are required at the age of 18 and over, also u must be continuous online. If u wanna join our guild, message our Leader or u can pm in discord Baron Kira # 9111.

Members: 31

Baron Academy

Barona katılmak için statları yeterli olmayıp, Barona katılmak isteyen oyuncular için Baron Academy açılmıştır. Stat sınırı yoktur, En önemli kural oyuncuların her oyuncuya saygılı olmasıdır. /// Baron Academy is opened for the players that don't have sufficent stats. There are no stat limits. The most important rule is every player should be respectful to each other.

Members: 76

Battle Live Kill

Sejam bem vindos . Estamos ativos nos sa4 e sa7 recrutando Se quise entra em contato mais rápido e só da / no Ph Black . Espero conta com sua presença bora entra?175+

Members: 22

Bench Brigade

Benches with arms are just long chairs

Members: 1

Be Nice

PRAVIDLA: 1.Byt na kazdeho dobry. 2.Nenadavat! 3.Stretnutie je raz do mesiaca.POVINNE!Kona sa v meste a miesto vam leader zdeli stretnutie musite byt cely biely s bielov lebkov a s druhym uctom ktoreho meno vam prideli leader.nepritomnost sa da ospravedlnit z vaznych dovodov.4.NESIKANOVAT! 5.Pomahat clenom v klane.Utok na clena sa povazuje zautok na vsetkych.6.Nezabyjat nevinnych!7.Clen musi byt SK alebo CZ.

Members: 5

Big Team

Willkommen im Big Team :) Level ist egal Mann muss Aktiv nett und Hilfsbereit sein Für eine Einladung einfach Vupig anschreiben

Members: 3

Black Bull

Members: 3

Black Lykanz

La profecía dice que un día nacerá el elegido, el sujeto q sea capaz de jugar 25/7 y que le saldra bigotes y oreja grandes. Mais kiun Clan somos Familia Bv

Members: 48

Black Market

Trusted player's Shops and Alts. Safe to deal with.

Members: 7

Black Monster

Zapraszam każdego luźnego gracza ///////////////// ll horde ll przyjaciele//////////// Nm wymagań jest tylko je..nie innych rekru bleckkk wice leader dawidki

Members: 51

Blade Of Justice

Members: 4

Bloody Knights

Members: 36

Bnk Black Night Knights

Members: 2

Bounty Hunters

Para entrar na guild.. primeiro procure algum dos líderes.. sua skill deve ser maior que seu lv.. Skill 150+ Lv apartir de 30

Members: 19

Brotherhood Of Steel

NA3's homegrown originals, established 2016. Our ethos is 'quality over quantity.' - We are invite only, no skill/level requirements. BoS prides itself on it's mature and respectful members who aren't afraid of a good fight in the name of righteousness.

Members: 34

Budsmokers Only


Members: 10

Caixao Sorridente

Não é só de paz que vive o homem, mas é na guerra que se conquista a paz! Guilda de domínio do sa2, fechada, não importa as skills, entra somente por indicação e votação, não é necessário dizer muito, jogue o jogo ! se divirta ! PLAY GAME! Guild Ally : Bande De Joyeux Loufoques ( BDJL )

Members: 45

Capsule Corp

🐲 🈁 🐲 ➨ 1°Regla 🏪 Ser Activo 💯 • 🈁 • 💯 🎌🎌 •Super Saiyan ➨Trunks Gt 🎌 🐉 🈁 🐉 (๑ ิټ ิ)

Members: 1

Caution Family

Welcome to CF, a active guild with discord, daily PvP and daily farming,300+ stats to join based on votes,Honour and Love to stay a family we come together to make one! Pm KxngJav or Adrixbigxnab to join

Members: 3

Cavalheiros Da Paz

Da persistência a excelência, ajudando uns aos outros, não importa o adversário, pois juntos somos melhores nessa guild tenque se dedica bastante para encontra o seu futuro Administrador: rei do draw

Members: 11

Chapeus De Palha

Guild Shop Na1

Members: 9

Chocolate Chips

It is one tasty travel, Love it or leave it.

Members: 1

Clan Of Ninja

Originally founded in 2016. Open to all Base Levels and Skill Levels. Alliances: Elves This is a Guild also formed to teach new members how to play the game. We aim to transform new players into experienced, prosperous, and respectful players. Join the Clan of Ninja, learn the game, and eventually leave the clan to move on to greater heights on your own. Even after leaving, always remember where you came from.

Members: 26

Clan Play

Hablamos Español Caramba Unete Y No Solo Al Clan en Rc Tambien El WhatsApp y Al Discord :) Te Queremos Mas si no te unetes nunca te tendremos...

Members: 106


🗡GERMANE And ENGLISCH🏹 LvL: 200+✔ Stats: 150+All✔ Aktiv✔ Dan komm Rein und lass und. Als Cloaked paar Leute Fetzen👥💪💣 ⚠HAIL======CD⚠ Lebenslustig Und Teamwork! Neben wir mit Freude an🙄 Also komm in der clan ✴Cloaked✴ Und lass uns eine Gemeinschaft gründen😜Cloaked wird siegen Pks,ClanPlay etc Alles Am start! C: ⚔Anfragen bei Discord melden!! + beweise *Stats*⚔ ⬛Discord: nicemichi#7286⬛ ClanFarbe: Schwarz Orange

Members: 1


Vira sujeito homem

Members: 2

Cobra Kai

Fear does not exist in this Dojo! For those who love the 80s and want to run around as the Esqueleto Crew. Join the Cobra Kai! Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy!

Members: 1

Comando Vermelho


Members: 4


Just a Crazy guild likes having fun and skulling!! Pm King Crazy about joining..

Members: 56


Welcome back to guild Cruuz Recruit 300+ #RELAX ENJOY 😏

Members: 2

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