"Vencer é o nosso objetivo,mas lutar é assim maior grandeza" Guild Vikings, unidos somos fortes e derrubaremos todos os obstáculos, Recrutando Skill 200+, Necessec. Discord: Wolve Of Vkg#9137

Members: 11

Void Cult

Naughty bois looking to sacrifice and get sacrificed,

Members: 39

Waleczne Serce

Zapraszam do wspólnej gry! Wymagania: -18+ lat -kultura osobista -zawziętość //////////////Żądza zemsty przerodziła się w nieokiełznaną wolę walki o ziemię,wielkość i sławę!

Members: 1

Walking Dead

Members: 5

War King

Members: 2

Warriors Pride

La Warriors Pride est une guilde qui à été conçue dans le but de s'amuser entre ami et de s'améliorer tous ensemble, pas besoin d'être les meilleurs pour se divertir !

Members: 5

West Night Club

Nenhuma força é maior que nosso destino para sermos cada vez mais unidos, mais fortes, mais heróis!! -------- HAIL WNC ------

Members: 63


Na escuridão ou na luz, ninguém ficará em paz, porque os Wolfs sempre te deixaram em tormento! 🐺 HAIL WOLFS🐺

Members: 15

Wonder Women

The Gods Of Rucoy have blessed the land with the fairest of their daughters. Be kind to them and favour will shine upon you. However, if you do them harm, you may suffer the wrath of the Gods!

Members: 5


Members: 1


Somos uma familia.Buscamos a evoluçao Defendemos a honestidade e o respeito acima de tudo Hail Ykz!

Members: 48

Young Flexer


Members: 2

Yung Noob World

Just a guild with a lot of friends and fights! No stats required only thing is to be chill and prepared for wars! Good Luck !

Members: 6


----------------Zakon-------------- To polska gildia, wszyscy w niej są mile widziani. Miła atmosfera i ludzie. Przyjmowani są gracze lvl 50 + narazie Vice leader- Szymonkk -----------vallhala-sojusz--------------

Members: 12


Recruitment min. 375 lvl 350+ skill,more info priv Sexy Death.

Members: 4


Welcome ZeeNation it's your boy Ashton, if you want to join please send me a request, and I'll put you in the guild ASAP. I am however looking for a guild master to take the role seriously. I will be second in command. I need someone that plays the game, and can keep playing. We all know how flakey I can be.

Members: 1

Zero Limit

Hallo und Willkommen bei Zero Limit,ab gekürzt ZL.Wir sind in Moment eine kleine Gilde und die meiste Zeit,aktiv am Trainieren.Ihr könnt entweder ab 170 Stats oder mit lvl 170 beitreten.Kontaktiert einfach Asunawkf(inmoment)oder in Discord xAsunax#1855.Wir freuen uns sehr auf eine zusamnen Arbeit.Eure Gilde Zero Limit Zudem haben wir ein Discord schreibt mich an mit eure Discord Name #eure Nummer. Demnächst eröffne ich in YouTube ein Gilden Video mit unserem Gilden Namen-Zero Limit.

Members: 7

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