Legion Of Khaos

Somos uma família, unida e única, não estamos para brincadeira, viemos para mostrar nosso valor, nosso lema é: Sempre ajudar uns aos outros.

Members: 25

Level One Supremacy

Requirements: Defense: 100+ Discord: Raptus#9872

Members: 2

Loko X

Basically the birth of an old guild, aiming to be the most respected guild by positive m it'seans, Recruiting people with stats 300 and above. Hail LOKO!! Needs to be able to speak English as well

Members: 9


Members: 1



Members: 1

Lost Family

São os obstaculos e as dificuldades que nos fazes cada vez mais Forte's. Hail LOST

Members: 22

Lows Of Destruction

Somos uma Guild de skillzudos HAIL LOD Recrutamento de 275+ de lvl e skill

Members: 24

Lucciano Family

We are the mafia, we dont lay down or roll over we are the mafia!

Members: 2


We are the MechKnights and we never give up! We will fight untill death! ⚔️☠️⚔️ We are a friendly guild which want to grow up and we are still looking for some new members. Everybody is welcome! You only need to speak german or english. If you are interested to join pm a member or the leader in our guild. Long live MechKnights! ✊

Members: 6

Mercenaries Of Blood

⚔️☠️MoB is recruiting active English-speaking members who enjoy the grind of Rucoy! Only requirements are you show progress in your character and look out for all MoB members as well as calling out boss fights over the brand new guild chat tab☠️⚔️ Pm MoB Sourdiez in game now ! 😈😈🤘🤘😈😈

Members: 22


Members: 1


Guilde française simple, avec pour seule ambition : ramener le respect et le plaisir de jouer dans Rucoy Online! Quelques règles simples, mais à respecter en continu : Pas de ks ! Et si c'est un missclick, soyez poli, c'est la base // Pas de scam. Tolérance 0 la dessus. // Pas de power abuse. Le but est d'envoyer une bonne image de nous. // Pas de trashtalk abusif. Rager ne sert à rien si ce n'est faire réagir ceux qui n'attendent que ça. Bon jeu a tous ! (Plus d'infos Yato Shkxbd#6326)

Members: 7

Never Stop Kill


Members: 2


Here at Nexus, we do things a bit differently. We aren’t based off of who is the coolest, or strongest. We have fun. We get to know each other. We pvp, we grow and learn as a family. We have no allies, no enemies. Only a list of players we do not attack. Life here in Nexus is about fun, adventure, and the overall experience of Rucoy Online! Our leaders are Bear Blade ( Wont Go Gently ), and Nexus Behemoth. We are based out of na4, and na3. Come say hello :)

Members: 25


Founded by some friends as a way to proclaim peace, love and respect. There's not limits when good intentions guide the way and the future of all of us.

Members: 26

Nks New Kaira


Members: 45


Members: 5

No Mercy

Clan 100% activo, integrado por viejos amigos. Requisitos lvl350+ skills350+ ¡ven y unete a nosotros! NO MERCY (sin piedad) haremos que nuestros enemigos nos teman....

Members: 23

No Name Guild

May this guild stay as long as No Name accounts are possible. Hail to the No Names! and may the stats be with them.

Members: 3

No Pk Cooldown

Just say where the pk is. Solo silba.

Members: 14

No Wake

Hey! La Nw est majoritairement composée de français, nous t'attendons les bras ouverts ;). Tu dois avoir au moins 220 stats et d'être un minimum correcte c': English: Our home base is located in eu3 and members are from different country (France,Russia,Ukraine,Poland,..) The guild is active with skulls parties, events,good ambience,... If you want to join nw call one member and you need to have 220+ stats Discord of Lekiwi Nw: Lekiwi#2828 Hail Nw ^^

Members: 19


Salut si tu veux rejoindre cette Guild il te 200 de stats minimum et être mature Leader: Green Arrow Adjoint :El barjo Contactez moi sur snap ou sur le jeu Tyron9724

Members: 5


Ocu is a clan that are very active and strong our highest skill is often meele 200+ and (we are not a toxic team!) we recruit if you have good stats,HAIL OCU!

Members: 2

Old Folks Home

For all of us who are seasoned and frail. We stand together with our canes and arthritis to vanquish the evils of you young bucks! Now time for that nurse to give me a sponge bath! 😏😏

Members: 1

Op God

Members: 1


A Guild for those whom want to be included in a productive team. Must be 18+.

Members: 1

Pizza Es Vida

Não tema a escuridão, nossos arqueiros iluminarão vosso caminho até mesmo nas noites mais escuras com seus arcos de luz que dissipam as trevas, não tema as alucinações da noite, nossos magos os protegerão com suas artes sagradas, não tema o inimigo que espreita a noite, nossos guerreiros estarão a postos para a defesa - Use whatsapp ou discord, preferível que use whatsapp - pm para Mrcrazymdc

Members: 39


Meh... Just keep scrolling

Members: 2

Pop In

We are a chill, drama-free guild.

Members: 5



Members: 1


Members: 4


Nothing is wrong if it feels good 🤙

Members: 19


Razer is a guild where you do what you want and have fun (we'll also call you about bosses) (Also ask about allies)

Members: 19

Rc Ind

Hallo! Selamat datang di guild Rc Ind,guild ini khusus buat anak indo,sebenernya ini guild lama yang sudah punah,tapi kita idupin lagi bersama,join Rc Ind stat minimal 200+ , dilarang rasis,harus kompak,nickname wajib Rc Ind,dilarang saling kill sesama anak Rc Ind karna ini guild cinta damai! Hail Rc Ind!

Members: 30


Members: 2

Reapers Of Darkness

Welcome ! Looking For Players With 250 + Level. Guild Is Placed On World: Europe 2. We Help In Get Experience Or Player Killing. If You Wanna Get Invite Ask Me In Game Nick: Past Nightmares. Or Message Me In Discord Nick: Past Nightmares#3742 Guild Is PL/ENG. Request: Discord , 16+ Age. See You In Game ! :)

Members: 1


Guilda pronta para se fortalecer.

Members: 5


Come join the Regulators. We are a north american guild who takes pride in friendships and honesty. Please don't be shy and come say hi.

Members: 7


Members: 2


Rvt Eo Trem descarrilhado e sem freio que passa por cima de tudo que se põe na sua frente sem piedade! Assim que é... Sem PvP não para em pé! Família Rvt há mais de 1 ano destruindo guilds lixos! Recrutamos skills 300+

Members: 87


Rich Boi Flex is a clan for people who got the moneys. We aint broke.

Members: 1

Rl Reborn X

RUCOY LATINO recluta lvl. 300+

Members: 4

Rucoy Death Squad

El escuadrón de la muerte de rucoy una hermandad dedicada a apoyar a nuestros a integrantes. SIEMPRE UNIDOS.

Members: 18

Rucoy Kingdom

Rucoy Kingdom seeks to unveil the depths of knowledge hidden within this world. Come join us on our adventure into the unknown!

Members: 1

Rucoy Latino

Rucoy Latino . somos nueva clan. Buscamos miembros leales que quieran progresar con la guild. Nuestro servicios. De la guild. Teams para ice dragon. ECT ECT. Avisos I consejos , sugestiones Alerta de boss. Siempre activos. Estamos ubicados en Eu1 Alianzas: Ninguna de por momento. Para poder ganar una invitation para Rucoy Latino lo primero tienes que ser activo. I alguien tiene que recomendarte a unir ala guild.

Members: 8

Rucoy Warriors

Hola :D sean bienvenidos venidos a Rucoy Warriors, un hermandad de jugadores de habla hispana, únete a nosotros, no importa tu nivel o habilidad, solo se pide Respeto, Trabajo en Equipo y Que te Diviertas lo más importante, se parte de esta gran familia, igual busca el grupo oficial en las redes sociales como Rucoy Warriors, mándame mensaje o búscame en América del Sur 4, me llamo Thailan Leon y estoy para servirte :D

Members: 8


Это клан Россия здесь только Русские мы будем стремиться к топу

Members: 18


Members: 1


⚔️ 神剣 ⚔️ require: 600+ skill

Members: 2

Seek And Destroy

Seek And Destroy est une guilde française composée principalement de français et de quelques anglais nous ne sommes pas ultra fort😥 mais on s'amuse bien😁. Si tu parle Français ou Anglais, que tu es actif sur discord et si tu te sens capable de supporter la guildes, les bons moments, et les problèmes😮. Tu seras la bienvenue parmi nous, nous demandons cependant un minimum de maturité.💜(RECRUTEMENT FERME) Les leaders sont Ryskell Sad et Ribie Sad Pour plus de renseignements Warzer#2357 sur Discord😏

Members: 32

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