Brotherhood Of Steel

NA3's homegrown originals, established 2016. Our ethos is 'quality over quantity.' - We are invite only, no skill/level requirements. BoS prides itself on it's mature and respectful members who aren't afraid of a good fight in the name of righteousness.

Members: 30

Brotherhood Rule Us

Bienvenidos a⚔️La Hermandad nos Gobierna🛡️ Un Clan en el cual nos tratamos como familia, Respeto y donde demostramos que en la union esta la Fuerza. 🔥🔥🔥 Si quieres unirte escribeme a -Hell Rule Us- Tenemos grupo de whats app y discord. Requerimientos para este clan es lvl 300+ (El clan Aaaaa fue nuestra academia) Rip Haters! 凸(^_^)凸 😆✊🏼👊🏼💀 🛡️⚔️🏹😵🤬💎----------🔱🔱🔱Lideres: Velocirrabo. Coo-lidereres: Atrapa Almas ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶ 💀☠️

Members: 40

Brothers Crypt

All levels welcome as long as you are active. We are an English speaking guild. If inactive for 7 days or more you will be removed from guild. Home server is na3. (Co leaders Dark Tauranis and Lord Kable)

Members: 13

Brothers Killers

Guilda fechada sera aberta quando membro bater suas metas

Members: 2

Brothers One Army

Zapraszamy do gildi Brothers One Army, oferujemy miłą, długa I przyjemna grę, nie szukamy ludzi na chwilę, wymagamy 225 lv 225 skillsy, nie granie 2 dni jest równe z kickiem, chyba że jest to wcześniej zgłoszone Liderzy: Lisa Ranger, Imo Ranger;

Members: 3


300+ stat alım. Bu klanın lideri Başkumandan Başbuğ General Albay Lord Han Hazreti Kubilay Beydir.

Members: 1

Brutal Death

Não há vitória sem batalha,e quanto maior for o objetivo, maior serão os obstáculos a serem superados

Members: 13

Budsmokers Only


Members: 9


Members: 1

Butterfly Familly

Members: 3

Caixao Sorridente

Não é só de paz que vive o homem, mas é na guerra que se conquista a paz! Guilda de domínio do sa2, fechada, não importa as skills, entra somente por indicação e votação, não é necessário dizer muito, jogue o jogo ! se divirta ! PLAY GAME! Guild Ally : Bande De Joyeux Loufoques ( BDJL )

Members: 39

Cake Guild

Open to all who likes cake

Members: 10


That's a guild focused maily on boss calls, we don't have any requirements for level or stats. Everyone who is active and english speaking can join. You may be kicked if you are inactive for more than 7 days or you aren't calling for any bosses for a long period of time. If you wanna join pm me in game(if I am online) or just add me on discord - Camisado#6472

Members: 2


Italian main Guild, touch one of us and you'll see... Our home server is Eu5... Requirements:1- No scam past... Pm Not Sniper#6914 for join

Members: 32


Canadians Welcome! Be nice to one another eh? Sorrey! Pm Scarxface to join!

Members: 1

Capsule Corp

🐲 🈁 🐲 ➨ 1°Regla 🏪 Ser Activo 💯 • 🈁 • 💯 🎌🎌 •Super Saiyan ➨Trunks Gt 🎌 🐉 🈁 🐉 (๑ ิټ ิ)

Members: 1

Cartel Los Reyes

✋☠❄☜☼☜💧✌👎⚐ ☜☠ 💣✋ 💧☜☼✞✋👍✋⚐✍ ☜💧👍☼✋👌☜ 🏱⚐☼ 🏱☼✋✞✌👎⚐ ✌ ☠☜✠☹✋✌☹✋💧❄

Members: 1

Caution Family

Welcome to CF, a active guild with discord, daily PvP and daily farming,300+ stats to join based on votes,Honour and Love to stay a family we come together to make one! Pm KxngJav or Adrixbigxnab to join

Members: 1

Cavalheiros Da Paz

Da persistência a excelência, ajudando uns aos outros, não importa o adversário, pois juntos somos melhores nessa guild tenque se dedica bastante para encontra o seu futuro Administrador: rei do draw

Members: 3


Se requiere lvl/skill +200 y ser activos(estar conectado minimo 1 vez a la semana). Reglas: no scammear, no hacer spam, respetarse entre todos. (EVENTO DE GUILD-->¿? MIEMBROS): ¿? ¿?¿?(Minievento): ¿?¿?¿?

Members: 66


Members: 1

Central Faction

Members: 5

Change Is Life

Hello. You must have 100+ stats to join

Members: 4

Chapeus De Palha

Guild Shop Na1

Members: 3

Charismatic Guys Of Rucoy

Yavaş mahallenin hızlı çocuklarıyız

Members: 1

Cheese Nation

Available for anyone to join! Will help new players if they need it. Feel free to message me in game, im hookcheese, for an invite. My disccord is hookcheese960#7800 if anyone needs to get ahold of me there.

Members: 6


Just as the name suggests, this guild is chill. Casual play was the original intention so just have fun. Don't grief, bot, spam, or cause unnecessary harm or worry to others. Just get along. B)

Members: 2

Chocolate Chips

It is one tasty travel, Love it or leave it.

Members: 1


Hello. I am leader of Chronic. We are a fun farming/training guild. If you want to join there's a stat req of 75+ base and 100+ stats. We also have a discord server for our guild which we will tell you code when you join. -Chronic Rucoy

Members: 15

Circle Of Gold

⚔️ ~ Non omne quod nitet aurum est ~ ⚔️ Fighters, Merchants, Boss Hunters. A guild for all, but we despise scammers, beggars and tricksters ! Main accs Only. Contact to join: Lucyferus (leader)🇵🇱, Lord of Luck (founder)🇺🇸 or Splitshot (sage)🇺🇸. ☠️ Black List: Ninjuif, Kowzen, Ninja Frow, Gregorydoms, Fillip Nikolic, Not Goku ll. ☠️

Members: 8

City Family

Members: 7


150+ Saygılı Kişiler Gelebilir. Katılım Için Just Archer , Just Shop Yada Phanttsao ya Pm Atin

Members: 7

Clan Of Ninja

Originally founded in 2016 // Commanders: That Ninja, Archimtiros, Shadow Colossal // Alliances: Elves // Requirements: Base 300+, Main Stat 300+ // We are REVAMPED. Join our conquest and meet chill players focused on growing stronger, getting richer, and having fun.

Members: 3

Clan Of Noobs

Hello My name is king bladefists and i made my guild "Clan Of Noobs" for the soul purpose to teach newer players how to play rucoy and set them on the right track. My guild will start accepting low level player as soon as lvl 5. So if you seem interested plz ingame message "king bladefists" or my VL "Zigidy".

Members: 1

Clan Play

Hablamos Español Caramba Unete Y No Solo Al Clan en Rc Tambien El WhatsApp y Al Discord :) Te Queremos Mas si no te unetes nunca te tendremos...

Members: 62

Clan Uchiha

Members: 3


Members: 13


[🇩🇪] Clanfarbe: Schwarz, Orange - lvl 100+ - Stats × Mind - 10 Ober LvL Allgemeine Regeln✨: Nett, Freundlich, Keine Clanmitglieder angreifen ausser sie wollen es, Clan Color reinnehmen, Spaß haben, Hilfsbereit Clan Color🙈: Schwarz, Orange "4 Muss orange!!!"

Members: 18


Vira sujeito homem

Members: 1

Cloused Spirit

Guilda:Cloused Spirit,Para entrar,tem que ter o seguinte requesito. Ter mais de 200+de skill

Members: 10

Cobra Kai

Fear and Weakness do not exist in this Dojo! The CK is open to honorable and active members. Any base level accepted, but must have a +275 skill (2nd Kyu) or +300 skill (1st Kyu). This guild is for OP, BAMFs who love the 80s (especially the music) and want to run around as the Esqueleto Killing Crew. Join the Cobra Kai! Contact Sensei Jmadly. Na2 is the home server. Allied with Shadows of the Night, Wandering Souls, and Phoenix Moon. Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy!

Members: 10

Coin Hunters

Co-founders Demonicsoildier and Aacercool!

Members: 5

College Of Winterhold

I am sure by now as a veteran gamer you would have drawn to the conclusion that this is a guild revolving around the superior minds of us wizards. You would in fact be correct! The vision of this guild is to gather players in unity to stay connected and offer support to all players alike with wizardly knowledge to put them onto the right path of success. Ultimately, development of a strong & positive community is the goal. The College doors are always open & open to all! We now have Discord!

Members: 33

Comando Vermelho


Members: 4

Complexo Cpx

Pra entrar e necessario skill 150+

Members: 1


Members: 2


We are a Crazy Guild like a family!! We Don't like Scammers!!! But we love skulling and having fun!! Pm King Fkin Crazy To Join 300 base and stats!! Let's Get CRAZY!!!$$$

Members: 41

Crazy Red Sharks Ind

Welcome to Crazy Red Sharks Ind,a Fighter Guild for fighter player,we fight,do chill like a family,we shall not change,we fight togehter.Requirement 200+ Skill.../ base 150++Fight till die!,Live Long,Hail CRSI Il Only accept request Il intrested to join? pm: Il Op Dragon Il/ Mu Kha Sa/Kamunolimit/Crsi Leaderx -Discord lead:#0652

Members: 13

Creadores Uwu

Son todos bienvenidos al guild solo no debe de ser scammer este guild es para mejorar y ayudar somos un guild honorable hacemos sorteo de diamantes cada 4 meses

Members: 18


Welcome back to Cruuz Recruit stat 300 lv , 😉 Enjoy and sans... #SLOWBUTSURE #RELAX #ENNJOOOYYY #Giian #Willy

Members: 21

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