Apr. 8, 2022

Update 1.23

Offline training
  • You now can train your skills while offline
  • To train offline simply visit the training dummies located in both towns, another option is to buy a personal training dummy from the 'Supplies Merchant'
  • To train offline training time is required, this can be obtained by attacking monsters or you can buy time in exchange for diamonds
  • You will receive 3 seconds of offline training time for every second you spend attacking monsters
  • You can have a maximum of 50 hours of free time, there is no limit for paid time
  • If you have both free time and paid time the game will consume first your free time
  • Offline training will earn you 600 experience points for one attack skill plus 600 experience points for your defense skill per hour
  • You can train more than one attack skill at a time by using personal training dummies, experience will be divide between the attack skills chosen
  • Offline training doesn't consume your stamina, nor requires arrows or mana
  • Titles were added a few weeks ago but were meant to be part of update 1.23
  • Many more titles are still to come in the following weeks
  • A way to change your title in game is in the works
  • This update includes new titles for offline training

- Rucoy Team
Jan. 10, 2021

Update 1.22

New volcano zone
  • New high level zone located south of dragons
  • Monsters on this zone have levels 375 and higher
  • The 'Lava Armor Set' and 'Golden Armor Set' are dropped from these monsters
  • Don't go alone, bring a team!
  • Zone based on designs by 'Scaranoyze Bdjl'
New Tracker Scroll
  • The 'Tracker Scroll' helps you find other characters on the same server
  • When using the scroll an arrow will appear pointing on the approximate direction of the character you are trying to find
  • The arrow will be color white if the target is on the same floor as you, yellow if is on a floor above you and blue if is on a floor below you
  • A short arrow means you are close to your target
New potions
  • New stronger potions have been added, 'Ultimate Health Potion' and 'Ultimate Mana Potion'
  • 'Greater Potions' cooldown has been changed from 1.5 seconds to 1.25 seconds
  • 'Super Potions' cooldown has been changed from 2.0 seconds to 1.65 seconds
Changes to chat
  • When someone kills you or you kill another character you will now receive a chat message that can be used to quickly message or track said character
  • When you are killed by another character your guild will now receive a chat message (Server name included)
  • Chat messages related to bounties, character store buying/selling, gifting diamonds, etc. can now be clicked to message and track characters
  • Server chat now has a 5 second cooldown before you can send another message
Other changes
  • Added 'Golden Training' weapons with attack 7, 9, 11 and 13 (Monster drop)
  • Training weapons with attack 4 are now 'Golden Training' weapons
  • Cerberus now spawns in the new volcano zone
  • Added secret passages between zones (Shh!)

- Rucoy Team
June 22, 2020

Update 1.21

Trade system
  • You are now able to safely trade gold, diamonds and up to 8 items at a time with other characters.
  • To trade just click on a character and then on the 'Trade' button.
  • When you start a trade the other character doesn't get a notification, it is necessary that you use the chat to coordinate a trade.
  • When you agree with the items to exchange you have to click the 'Trade' button, doing so will ask you to confirm the trade, if during confirmation the other character adds or removes items, or no longer posses the items to trade, the trade will fail.
Stamina system
  • The stamina system limits the number of hours a character can earn experience per day.
  • Stamina is a timer that you can watch on the 'Stats' menu.
  • When you attack monsters your stamina timer will start to decrease, if it reaches 00:00:00 you will no longer earn level and skill experience.
  • After 30 seconds of not attacking monsters or being offline your stamina will start to increase at a rate of 2 seconds every second not attacking monsters.
  • If you have 24 hours or more your stamina will increase at a rate of 1 second every 10 seconds not attacking monsters.
  • If you have 24 hours or more you will receive 50% bonus level and skill experience.
  • The maximum stamina you can have is 26 hours.
New boss drops system
  • You now will receive boss points when participating in boss battles.
  • You earn boss points for the following actions: damaging a boss, damaging a boss minion, and by healing other characters that are attacking a boss and/or a boss minion.
  • Boss points are used to calculate the probability of you winning a boss drop.
  • The probability of you winning is your boss points divided by the sum of boss points of all characters that participated in the battle.
  • If you win a drop your boss points for that boss will reset back to zero.
  • If you don't win a drop your boss points will be saved and used the next times you kill that same boss, until you win a drop.
  • After a boss battle you will receive a message telling you the number of characters that participated and a message telling you your probability of winning a drop.
  • Boss points are independent for each boss, for example killing the 'Goblin Lord' doesn't increase your chances of winning a drop from 'General Krinok'.
  • The game doesn't tell you how many boss points you have, it only tells your probability of winning a drop.
Other changes
  • Ultra Rare and Legendary items can no longer be sold to the merchant.
  • Training Weapon rarity has changed from Uncommon and Rare to Ultra Rare and Legendary respectively.

- Rucoy Team
Dec 22, 2019

Update 1.20

New abilities
  • The Healer ability will allow you to share the effects of your health potions with your teammates. Keep in mind that if you heal a cursed teammate you will become cursed for at least 60 seconds. This ability consumes mana points.
  • The Recovery ability helps you receive more health points from your health potions. This ability consumes mana points.
New zone
  • A new zone has been added to the west of lizards.
  • There you will find 3 new monsters: 'Minotaur Lv.225', 'Minotaur Lv.250' and 'Minotaur Lv.275'.
  • New boss 'Zarron Bravehorn' added.
New items
  • The Minotaur armor set has been added.
  • The Healer armor set has been added.
  • The Recovery armor set has been added.
  • New item 'Destination Scroll' added, this scroll will allow you to teleport to your chosen destination.
  • New attack 4 training weapons added.
New outfits
  • 3 new animated weapon outfits have been added.
Other changes
  • Confirmation screen has been added for dropping items.
  • All bosses received new rewards.
  • 'Cerberus' will now spawn less frequently to adjust for the increase in the number of bosses.

- Rucoy Team
Oct 26, 2019

Update 1.19

New zone
  • A new zone has been added to the east of the new town.
  • There you will find 3 new monsters: 'Djinn Lv.150', 'Dead Eyes Lv.170' and 'Gargoyle Lv.190'.
  • Hardcore area is included.
New items
  • The Gargoyle's set has been added, the set is currently equivalent to the Lizard's set but in a future update it will receive energy elemental resistance and see a reduction in armor stat.
  • New item 'Return Scroll' added, this scroll will allow you to teleport to the last place where you used a 'Town Scroll'.
  • New item 'Death Charm' added, this item will help you avoid experience losses when a monster kills you. For it to work you must have it in your inventory and it will consumed upon death. It won't be consumed if a player or boss kills you.
  • Another piece of the Golden set has been added, the 'Golden Belt'.
New bosses
  • Two new bosses added: 'Drow Queen' and 'Goliath'.
New outfits
  • 3 new outfits have been added, designed by 'Scaranoyze Bdjl'.
New command
  • New command '/session' added, it will show you your base level experience and skill experience earned in the current play session as well as the experience per hour and the time needed to level up.
  • To restart your session use '/rsession'.
Other changes
  • A system to prevent most deaths due to lost connectivity has been added. If you suddenly lose connection with the server and a monster kills you before being properly disconnected the server will return all experience or 'Death Charm' lost. You still will be sent to your hometown. This system does not work with PvP deaths.
  • 'Teleport Scroll' items are now named 'Town Scroll'.
  • Lizards zone top floor has been redesigned.
  • New town PvP limits have been moved closer to town.
  • Old town has received new offline store spots.
  • 'Vampire King' will now spawn 'Vampire Prince'.
  • 'General Krinok' will now spawn 'Lizard Major'.
  • 'Vampire King' and 'General Krinok' will now spawn less frequently to adjust for the increase in the number of bosses.
  • Bosses will now spawn at minimum 30 minutes apart from each other.
  • Gold and boots received new sprites.

- Rucoy Team
June 14, 2019

Update 1.18

New map

The game map has been replaced by a new redesigned map, 50% larger.

New town

A new town for players level 150 or more has been added, it is closer to high level hunting zones.

New items

Assassin's, Vampire's, Drow's and Lizard's keys have been added.


Added the first version of the minimap to help you move around on the new map.

- Rucoy Team
Mar 15, 2019

Update 1.17

New boss

A new permanent boss ‘Cerberus’ has been added, strongest boss to date.

New items

6 new ‘endgame’ items have been added, as well as uncommon (green background) and rare (blue background) versions of the Lizard’s, Dragon’s and Frozen’s armor sets.

New outfits

3 new animated weapon outfits have been added, 1 for each class.

New feature ‘Quick weapon change’

You can now quickly change weapons by tapping a second time on your class selection button, the last 6 weapons in your inventory of the selected class will show up, if you have 2 or more of the same weapon only 1 will be shown.

- Rucoy Team
Feb 9, 2019

Guilds system

Release date: February 11, 2019 11:00 AM PST

Guilds system is finally coming to Rucoy Online, you will be able to create a guild with up to 500 of your friends, proudly show your guild name on your character screen and talk to your comrades on the new 'Guild' chat, no matter which server they are playing on.

Rules for creating a guild:
  • Creating a guild has a cost of 900 diamonds (Non-refundable).
  • You must logout from the game before guild creation.
  • The guild name must consist only of letters and one space between words.
  • Names must have a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 25.
  • Guild names can't be changed after creation.
  • Guilds with names (or descriptions) that contain offensive words (insults, racism, sexually related, etc), advertisement of products or services not related to Rucoy Online, that encourage rule violation, and/or pretend to be part Rucoy Online development team are subject to be disbanded without notice and without a refund.
To create or join a guild you will need to visit the guilds page.

- Rucoy Team
July 14, 2017

www.rucoyonline.com now live!

Highscore, news and more!

We've decided to release a new site for everyone to follow along with the latest news about Rucoy Online. In the first version of the site you can view our news and the global highscore.

Highscore Ladder
The highscore ladder will display the top 100 players in 5 different ladders:
  • Experience
  • Melee
  • Distance
  • Magic
  • Defense
You can view the ladder here.
We've many more things planned for this website (like guilds), this is just the start.

- Rucoy Team
July 14, 2017

Server changes

  • Reduced the health of bosses by half
  • Increased experience and gold rewards for bosses
  • Characters on team zones are now automatically disconnected after 10 minutes of inactivity and 10 minutes of not being attacked
  • Characters with offline stores deployed no longer appear online on other players friends list
  • Fixed green skull error
  • Fixed outfits error costing 9,999,999 diamonds
  • Fixed vampires team zone non-pvp tiles
Some of these changes were introduced a few days ago

- Rucoy Team
June 23, 2017

Update 1.15 released

Offline stores, new zones for teams and more!

New Offline Store mode
  • To place an offline store stand on one of the store spots in town, click the new icon that appears on the right top corner of the screen, select the amount of hours you want the store be on and press ‘Deploy’.
  • To use the offline store you need to spend 1 diamond per hour you want to be selling items.
  • You will be charged at the end of each hour.
  • You can be in offline store mode for a maximum of 12 hours straight.
  • You will be removed from offline store mode when the set amount of hours passes, or when your character sold all of the items, or when you ran out of diamonds.
  • If you reconnect in the middle of an hour you won’t be charged those minutes, instead that fraction of hour will be taken into account the next time you enter offline store mode.
Added 3 new team based zones
Vampires, Drows and Lizards now have new zones that can only be accessed by a group of 3-4 players. To access 3 players (4 for Lizards) have to pull 3-4 levers at the same time (one each).
  • All players inside the levers room will be teleported inside the respective new zone.
  • To exit you need to find the teleport at the end of the zone.
  • Inside this new zones you can’t use teleport scrolls, disconnect or change servers.
  • Inside this new zones monsters have a 6 times higher probability of spawning as elite monsters.
  • Monsters inside this new zones are able to deal damage to all players no matter how much defense they have. Of course monsters will need a lot of time to kill a player with a really high defense.
  • Added 3 new helmet outfits, designed by ‘Scaranoyze Bdjl’.
  • You can now increase the size of your friends list (30 spaces for 300 diamonds).
  • You can now increase the size of your vault (40 slots for 400 diamonds).
  • The health of bosses has been substantially increased (10 to 30 times).
  • Skill rings +10 have been renamed to ‘Superior [Skill] Ring’ and now have different sprites by ‘Scaranoyze Bdjl’.
  • New Assassins zone and new Assassin monster added.
  • New 4 direction animations have been added for crows and assassins, we will be adding new animations for more monsters in small client patches, a new pixel artist joined the team.

- Rucoy Team
2017 Rucoy Online
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