Aaa Midnight Soldiers

Welcome to midnight soldiers, were here to ⚔️fight⚔️ together farm together and train together. We are a family 🚫fighting is not tolerated in this guild.🚫 there are no requirements in this guild we except all people unless you are joining for drama, a scammer, or do not know English. Pm (bloody sage) or (my mage hurts) on Rucoy and if we don't respond add one our discords (Keno#9992) (Sexy Lion#8027).

Founded on June 08, 2021


Name Level Join date
Badelios Asi 301 Aug 03, 2021
Cerasus Supporter 293 Jun 13, 2021
Hhhhoohhoo (Leader) 325 Jul 07, 2021
Il Shinigami Supporter 178 Jun 15, 2021
2017 Rucoy Online
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