The Littles

Long Live Littles! Add me on Discord to join Trenton#5371

Members: 21

The Lorax

It is our duty to protect the holy trees that live on this beautiful world! We speak for the trees... We might be weak as a branch but together we can become a strong and powerful tree trunk, working together is the main part of rucoy online, together we can Become a strong living tree. Requirements - 220+ stats

Members: 3

The Lows

Nível não define habilidade, esse é o nosso lema !!! 40 + de skills do LVL para entrar..

Members: 1

The Mates

A TOMAR POR CULO ESTA GUILD🖕 PD:ladron que roba ladron tiene 100k años de perdon

Members: 1

The Matrix

Welcome to the real world.

Members: 2

The Merchants

The Merchants is a group that aims to lower prices. Diamonds have increased in price by 8k in more than 1 year, that's bad. The way we will accomplish this goal is to get enough gold to buy out most of the stops in a single server, then we will sell those items for a reasonable price. We are technically merchants but we also, bounty hunt, grind, help newcomers and more. If you're interested in our cause, spread the word, donate gold, or even try to join (contact Elvimore#6773 on discord). 💰

Members: 7

The Merchants Guild

T.M.G. Survival of the fittest. Pm Wddei in game for guild inquiries.

Members: 47

The Monyed

If you wanna join 300 stat required

Members: 3

The Most Dangerous

Jesteśmy The Most Dangeorus. Tag:TMD Tylko Polacy. Udowadniamy naszą siłę na eu Il.Rekrutacja otwarta. Jesteśmy klanem który nie pozwala pluć sobie w twarz.Jesteśmy niepokonani i niezwyciężeni. Zapraszamy tylko dobre mordeczki i by wyrażały swoją chęć do gry, czyli aktywność na grze i na czacie. Zapraszamy: Huligan Tmd

Members: 22

The Most Wxnted

Somos un gremio que busca BOSS // requisitos 250 skill // colores 1 Morado. 2 rojo. 3 rojo. 4 cualquiera // tenemos grupo de discord// pm Maseron //

Members: 48

The Nocturne

Everything is left alone here, every creature is waiting the sunset, the icy night's embrace doesn't exist for give comfort, it just wants to let you know your fears. Now rise from the shadows, you are a son of the night, you are a Nocturne.

Members: 7

The Nova

Just wait for we ... 2 May 2020

Members: 1

The Official

No abuse here Rec stat 100++ Enjoy and stay in this guild🍃

Members: 5

Theo Kings

Recuta Skill 140

Members: 3

The Op Hobos


Members: 1

The Op Merch

We are op merchants and we sell make profit and have fun doing it if you have a problem or wanna join. Pm the owner/leader Eli's bae and or on discord at Eli's bae#0694

Members: 1

The Oreo Empire

The Oreo's must unite!

Members: 2

The Outcasts

Members: 1

The Outlaws

Members: 5

The Pack

To create a safer and constructive experience for our community. We assess and coordinate our pack; to build a community of people capable standing out. We work hard and value only teamwork and loyalty. It is through these principles that we strive to create a whole that is greater than its individual pieces.

Members: 5

The Polish Killer

Zapraszam do gildie Polski zabójca w gildi jest miła atmosfera i ludzie wzajemnie sobie pomagają. Serdecznie zapraszamy 😉

Members: 15

The Prince

La realeza reabre sus puertas!👸🤴Clan hispano-hablante. Actualmente estamos reclutando nuevos miembros con un Lv/Stat superior a 320, con DISCORD obligatorio y que sean activos; tanto para Clan Wars, como para pelotones, raids, etc... Servidor Padre: EU1... Contamos con mas de 30 miembros de momento, de todo tipos de paises hispano-hablantes , Si deseas unirte a esta nueva aventura no dudes en contactar con cualquiera de nuestros lideres... HAIL PRINCE LIVE LONG!🍾🔥

Members: 11

The Purge

CRIEI A GUILDA HJ PFV PACIENCIA The New Founding Fathers Of Rucoy "NFFR" ( Os Novos Pais Fundadores Do Rucoy ) Venham Fazer Parte Da Nossa Revolução Aos Poucos Crescendo E Nos Tornando Cada Vez Mais Fortes 1 Vez Por Mes Temos A Noite De Purificação... Onde Vc Podera Liberar Todo Seu Odio, Uma Noite Onde Não A Regras.... EVENTOS UMA NOITE DE CRIME FREE GOLD ESCONDE ESCONDE UP LV EM GRUPO SORTEIO DE RINGS E ITENS TREINOS PVP QUE DEUS ABENÇOE TODOS NOS

Members: 11

The Quantum

DOSTA GÜVEN DÜŞMANA KORKU SALAN GUİLD...... Düşmanlar : Raiders of Anatolia DISCORD : Master Sairox#6195 YOUTUBE : Master Sairox Channel

Members: 7

The Rebel Killers

Members: 8

The Reborn Of Supremacy

Requisitos: .Ter skill 150 ou mais .Ter Discord .Respeitar a todos

Members: 45

The Reservoirs

What did you expect were just lakes lmao. nightime Camo, charas teddy, and lil hells cat are the leader and co leaders tell one of us if you wanna join. Stat req 250+ level req 100+ Allies:outcasts, oasis, hbs, wise, kawaii angels and Dragon raids.

Members: 19

The Royalty Uwu

Members: 10

The Sa Kage

The Sa'kage are the hidden rulers of Cenara. If you would like to join the discord server, message ChronicChimera#9401

Members: 25

The Salchichones

Hola. Bienvenido a The Salchichones Reclutamos Con Requisito de 250 skill. Reglas...: Respetar A Todos Sus Compañeros No Prestar Ni Robar No Matar Compañeros Si No Te Lo Piden

Members: 7

The Sandalot Kid

Reglas: 1. No se permiten adultos 2. mata a todos los jugadores inferiores 3. mata a los jugadores que me matan 4. respeta a todos (English) Rules: 1. No adults allowed 2. kill all lower players 3. kill players that kill me 4. respect everyone. Freind me to get invited

Members: 4

The Seven Deadly Sins

Clan Abierto Líder Zibiuz:CUALQUIER es bienvenido el clan revivirá ahora empezará la 4 generación del clan ya 2 veces hemos llegado a 100 miembros y volveremos hacerlo

Members: 31

The Shadows

We are The ShadowsfireWe are A Guild which Doesn't Abuse and We also don't GankfireWe speak German or English speakingfireScamming,any sexual related things and insult aren't allowedfireThe Requirments: Base 100+ and Stats 100+

Members: 4

The Sharks


Members: 4

The Special Forces

𝕋𝕣𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥, 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕨𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝕓𝕖 𝕤𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕕.

Members: 2

The Toxics Team

Members: 1

The Valhalla

**True warriors go to valhalla after death** - Arnousek Europan guild for active players. Discord : qTruaA6

Members: 1

The Walking Dead

Nós somos a TWD,recrutados skill +150,necessário wpp,procurando evoluir sempre💪👊

Members: 4

The Warriors

Gremio Español . Si quieren entrar contacten con Jmanuelpm o con Zenperti . da igual el nivel que tengas , solo con que seas activo ya podras estar adentro de este fabuloso Gremio . Normas: 1.Respetar a los compañeros , si esta norma no se cumple seran sancionados 2.Ayudar a los compañeros , ayudandoles a crecer su cuenta . 3.siempre permanecer unidos , luchar con mobs juntos o al eliminar cualquier enemigo . Colores : 1.negro 2rojo 3.rojo 4rojo

Members: 7

The Way Of Glory

Bem vindo a TWG (the way of glory) recrutamos skil 200+ necessário Discord para entrar na Guilda. Venha ser um membro ♠️

Members: 29

The Winged Warriors

Hola bienvenidos A Los Guerreros Alados

Members: 1

The Wise Guild

This is a guild starting from dust like a Phoenix born from ash, from the fallen kin from guilds past, we will rekindle the good nature of rucoy, and help others to train, quest, and understand the game and form friendships to last. After an extended break, we are returning to our home server of na4 to help new players and reopen our shop. For our members we require you to have a discord account. We hold events and raids and even a few online parties. We only promote active players.

Members: 22

The Wolfpack

A pack of wolves in search of the next great hunt. Sheep beware!

Members: 1

The Zoldyck Family

Members: 1


Currently recruiting! Message CR Adam for more info EU. 3

Members: 3


Seja bem vindo a TRN bom guild nova Academy skills necessarias Lv 200+ skills 200+ Oficial Skills necessarias Lv 275+ skills 300+ Elite skills necessarias Lv 375+ skills 400+ Denovo seja bem vindo e um bom jogo a todos

Members: 6

Titans Of Rucoy

Cuando en una batalla te encuentres solo y perdido, y tus enemigos te hagan dudar de tu supervivencia, ahi divisarás a los aliados que te harán cambiar el rumbo de la batalla. Grupo de whatsapp... Contactar con Coquitoxico, Dios Seiya o Talion Cazador

Members: 2

Tm Diablos

Se Recluta gente lvl bajo skilll 300

Members: 1



Members: 42

Top Europe

400+ stats To Join 18+ no kiddies

Members: 2

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