Recrutamos lvl 300+skiil necessária 275 aliados ABS

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SOMOS UCHIKRAS MESMO NA SOMBRA MESMO SE NOS XINGAREM NOS AJUDAREMOS UNS AOS OUTROS POIS AQUI NÃO TEM MELHOR QUE NINGUÉM . (Aqueles que possíveis colocarem no final, e ou incio colocar a tag UCK, que nos simboliza.Caso queira pode trocar as cores de sua roupa e variar entre preto e vermelho.) GRUPO NO DISCORD: UchiKras UCK

Members: 5

Uch Uchiha

Members: 10


Members: 2

Uniao Sovietica

Olá, somos todos iguais e sempre zelamos por seus direitos enquanto player e membro desta humilde guild.

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💥🔥Bienvenido seas a la que será la mejor guild de Europa no importa donde estés si se meten contigo se meten con todos🔥💥 Si deseas ser parte de nuestra familia puedes escribirle a Asmitha/ll Minidomi ll/Gentshuga/Alexa Chaotix o ami Elkoko Bienvenido seas🔥 Alianza:Lethal Player Tenemos clan de Clash of clans únete se llama Unreal Legión el líder es Mininova

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NEW STARTED GUILD !! Welcome to Untouchables ... English Speaking guild with people from ALL around the world!! ... Requirments :: BASE LVL : 200+ .. OR SKILLS 150+ .. (( Picture is required if it's skills )) (( Use DISCORD for better communication )) Have fun and Enjoy..

Members: 30

Unwanted Society

Bienvenidos Al Clan "Us" (_Sociedad No Deseada_) Un Clan Antiguo, Respetado, Deseado, Y Conocido Ante Muchos De Los Jugadores Como Uno De Los Clanes Mas Fuertes Y Poderosos De *Rucoy Online* Desde Los Inicios Del Juego. Temido Por Muchos , Valorado Por Pocos, Y Acepado Por Todos. Si Eres Entre ( Nivel +350 / Stats +350 ) No Busques Mas Unete Y Forma Parte De La Gran Familia *(Unwanted Society)* (Cambio De Name Opcional) (Hablar Español o Ingles) (Ser Activos En El Game)

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Say hi msg me on discord Temmpy#3412

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Vae Victis

Vae Victis "woe to the vanquished" recruiting anyone that is friendly & active. contact me or in game! - Leaving

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Valar Morghulis

💪_______Welcome to Valar Morghulis!______💪 WHAT YOU NEED FOR JOIN US??? 1.)You need minimum lvl 200 and 200+skills💪 2.)You must be an active player😎 3.)Be 15+ years old 🔥🔥🔥___ WHAT DO WE OFFER IN OUR GUILD___🔥 Skull partys,boss calling,group exp,nice atmosphere,respect,events and lots of fun!!! LEADER: Mr Savage Il

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----------------------------------Vhl-------------------------------------- Rekrutujemy graczy po wyżej 150lvl wyjątki są , skill 150+ . Ta gildia przeznaczona jest do dobrej zabawy , chronienia naszych . Gildia ta jest dopiero postawiana na nogi , chcemy aby była coraz silniejsza !!! . Witamy w Vhl.

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Very Important Player

We try to create an environment were the people in our guild are having FUN. PM to enlist in our voting process: VIP Dat Booty VIP Ashton Ashton Zee

Members: 69

Vide Cul Fide

Team Leader : Skunek Vcf, Jesion Vcf, Kacper Vcf

Members: 24


"Vencer é o nosso objetivo,mas lutar é assim maior grandeza" Guild Vikings, unidos somos fortes e derrubaremos todos os obstáculos, Recrutando Skill 200+, Necessec. Discord: Wolve Of Vkg#9137

Members: 8

Void Cult

Naughty bois looking to sacrifice and get sacrificed,

Members: 46

Waleczne Serce

Zapraszam do wspólnej gry! Wymagania: -18+ lat -kultura osobista -zawziętość //////////////Żądza zemsty przerodziła się w nieokiełznaną wolę walki o ziemię,wielkość i sławę!

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Walking Dead

Members: 3

Wandering Souls

Not all who wonder are lost, Created on October 10th 2019, Requirements are 200+ stats and preferably 175+ base. Currently a work in progress, soon more!

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Members: 9

War King

Members: 1

Wasted In Anatomy

Hello. This is Wasted In Anatomy a.k.a. WIA.. We're welcoming players that has 150+ stats. Just DM Valcanic#8090 on discord or Drs Valcanic in Rucoy Online... Enjoy your stay in one Happy Community

Members: 6

We Are Pro

Gildia Dla Widzów ---Dzik Rucoy--- (DC) Dziki Rucoya od 150skill

Members: 15

Weed Squad

Hey 😜 we are looking for nice players for clan from level 100 stats and main we are german and english speaking. For Joining tell me ingame or on discord my name is: Zentura We are glad about everybody.💯🤙 Follow my Instagram: Rucoy_Online_Zentura

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West Night Club

Nenhuma força é maior que nosso destino para sermos cada vez mais unidos, mais fortes, mais heróis!! -------- HAIL WNC ------

Members: 58


Na escuridão ou na luz, ninguém ficará em paz, porque os Wolfs sempre te deixarão em tormento! 🐺 HAIL WOLFS🐺

Members: 55


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Members: 6


Somos uma familia.Buscamos a evoluçao Defendemos a honestidade e o respeito acima de tudo Hail Ykz!

Members: 94

Yellow Out

-------------🔥YELLOW OUT🔥------------- Recrutamos: skill 200+ Wpp: Nisho senpai: discord: Nisho#5293 ou Noober#1182 aliados: Deuses Fairy Tail #AForçaNoslevaAVitoria! #HailYlw

Members: 15

Young Flexer


Members: 1

Your Masked Heroes

Low Level OP Guild: Currently Recruiting. Chill, Train, PvP

Members: 1

Yung Noob World

Just a guild with a lot of friends and fights! No stats required only thing is to be chill and prepared for wars! Good Luck !

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----------------Zakon-------------- To polska gildia, wszyscy w niej są mile widziani. Miła atmosfera i ludzie. Przyjmowani są gracze lvl 130+

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Recruitment min. 375 lvl 350+ skill,more info priv Sexy Cute Death.

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Welcome ZeeNation it's your boy Ashton, if you want to join please send me a request, and I'll put you in the guild ASAP. I am however looking for a guild master to take the role seriously. I will be second in command. I need someone that plays the game, and can keep playing. We all know how flakey I can be.

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Zero Limit

Hallo und Willkommen bei Zero Limit,abgekürzt ZL.Wir sind in Moment die meiste Zeit,aktiv am Trainieren.Ihr könnt entweder ab 50 Stats oder mit lvl 50beitreten.Kontaktiert einfach Domeb, Startege oder Asuna ZL ZLE oder in Discord Asuna ZL ZLE #1855 ,STARTEGE#5650,domeb#2279 .Wir freuen uns sehr auf eine zusammen Arbeit. Zudem haben wir ein Discord-Server schreibt mich an mit eure Discord Name #eure Nummer. Demnächst eröffne ich in YouTube ein Gilden Video mit unserem Gilden Namen-Zero Limit.

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