Immortal Sxndz Supporter

Character Information
Name Immortal Sxndz
Level 508
Guild Night Demons
Title Boss Slayer VIII Mythic
Last online 20 minutes ago
Born July 17, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Immortal Sxndz and Alacrya Of Fz killed Yfz Evil - 25 minutes ago
Immortal Sxndz killed Mmmm Zmmmm - 1 day ago
Immortal Sxndz killed Marleyn - 1 day ago
Aglk Bow Op , Immortal Sxndz , Duoloou , Xxdemon Vk , Droga Tenshi , Xl Luffy Xl Thc , Tsuky Magias and Dfs Trevezin killed Kon Lawz - 1 day ago
Immortal Sxndz killed Manuel Tc - 5 days ago
Thuongz , El Mago Dj , Immortal Sxndz and Less Rm killed Gigibj - 5 days ago
Tyuwjsdbunc and Kon Anubis Il killed Immortal Sxndz - 6 days ago

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