Midnight Killers

Hellow friend welcome to my guild Requirements are 300 stats enjoy.

Members: 5


This guild needs 200+ stats to join and we together will become strong

Members: 2

Mil Demonios

Members: 4

Millie Bobby Brown Squad

Members: 1


Líder:gear merchante colideres:Ruferty,lelelele,rey dist, Eventos previos:rifa,farm mino,farm drows,sorteo

Members: 20


Welcome to Mindless a group where we just don't care, pvp main guild so hop on in and enjoy making the nubs cry. Req skills 200+ and No BRS allowed.

Members: 1

Mind Virtual Power

Life goes on

Members: 1

Mini Family

Members: 1

Minotaur Academy

Bienvenido a Minotaur Academy Reclutamos skill +300 o lv350reglas tener los colores obligatorios si no te conectas en una semana te sacaremos tienen que avisar de bosses y hacerle favores a los demas att.el lider

Members: 5

Mi Pan Susu

Mi Pan SuSu // Tag: Mps // Recrutamos skill 200+ lvl 200+ Discord e Whatsapp obrigatório. “O segredo de um grande sucesso está no trabalho de uma grande equipe.”

Members: 1

Mirai Nikki


Members: 1


We are misfits the trouble makers the ones who bring chaos. This is not a guild for cowards criers or weakling. This is a guildrfor the strong in spirit the ones who don't kneel for Noone. Only those willing to stand against all odds are welcome here. Example: running head first into 1v10s.

Members: 2

Miso Soup Lovers

Welcome to Miso Soup Lovers//Don't be rude to each🖤🖤//Be active and don't scam// We don't tolerate people who scam// just be friendly and continue to grow strong in this guild🫠

Members: 13

Missing Feelings

Members: 1

Mitos Of Dark

Vendo essa guild pois n está me ajudando vendo por 3kk

Members: 3


lider: goku joto// reclutamos skilll o lvl 200+// el fake found esta prohibido//colores de la guild 1 morado oscuro, 2 morado oscuro, 3 verde oscuro, 4 verde oscuro solo obligatorios en eventos // discord ricardo_antonio1#6440 // grupo de facebook mksilinaguild// alianzas //al estilo pollito//aliance of brothers//mystical dragon// despues de 1 mes de inactivo vas pa fuera

Members: 102

Mmo Rpg Family Il

Aqui nas MMO RPG FAMILY nós tratamos todos inguais e ninguem juga ninguem se tive um roubo na guild avise pra os lides MARIANA LIND e DERIKWWW e nós tiraremos os ladrões da nossa guild, MMO RPG FAMILY que se tona uma das melhora a guild não que se a melho so umas das melhores e reconhecida por todos skill200+ purinquanto. 1°) primeira Regra não podi mata membros de guild é nesessario zap,discord pra caso tenha um evento ou caso quera emtra algum membro.

Members: 27

Mob Moelesters

The Mob Moelesters are a guild based around slayer titles from slaying mobs you need at least a dragon 1 slayer title to join the guild besides that there are no other requirements

Members: 2

Mocno Spalony Kebab

Gildia aktywna i miła, zapraszamy ludzi 250+ skill/lvl w sprawach rekrutacyjnych Messenger Cezary Bondar/Dawid Mach lub discord m0nks#0227

Members: 1


We Are molten! We melt our enemy's away! There are no stat requiments there are a few rules. Rule 1 No scamming or scammers are allowed in the guild! Rule 2 don't kill members or Ally's if its a accident I understand. Pm WK Dark arrow in game to join!

Members: 9

Monarca De Las Sombras

Unete a las sombras :3

Members: 2


Members: 4

Money Over Btches

300+ stats to join, or recommended by a recruit. No rules or tasks for now, but we will have new activities for everyone soon. Goal is to be on top of all guild in North America.

Members: 1


Reject humanity, become a monkey. Founders:Kowari, Dump, Lowzinho, Limp, Show Dan, Rarimpage, Kira

Members: 24

Monster Mashers

American English-speaking guild. Casual pve. Pvp plyrs welcome to join. Stay or leave is up to you. Have fun respect each other and remember it`s just a game. Message me to join. This is my main. Jerm Germ and Rdy Plyr One are alts. I play mainly at night and throughout the weekend starting on Friday morning if I'm awake. I work nights.

Members: 3


💥💥 Guilda Monsters Ativa - 2k21 💥💥 🇧🇷 Recrutamos Skill ou Level 100+ (Br) 🤖 Discord ; Is Deyvid#4758 🧊 Líder ; Is Deyvid

Members: 3

Monsters From Hell

Adicionamos skill 250+ melee Magé arqueiro.

Members: 6

Moo Cows

Moo Moo Milk-------No requirements just have fun and help smol players grow.

Members: 11

Moonlight Sonata

womp womp *UwU*

Members: 1

Moon Night

Members: 3

Moral Excellence

English language, quality players.16+ years old. All white colors in game (symbolizing angels and purity). We are virtuous, yet flawed maybe playful and teasing at times, but we always support eachother. Promoting healthy, adventurous behavior in game. No scamming, we generally don't gank. Pro-active self-defense allowed :).

Members: 2

Mortal Kombat

Hola aqui e a MTK futura melhor guild aqui nao tem espaço para tóxicos fracos e Kids recrutamos 150+ se quiserem entra chamem PV loudblack obg pela atenção ate.

Members: 6

Mortes De Elite

les damos bienvenida a mortes de elite reclutamos skill 100+ y lvl 100+ contamos con server de discord busquenme como Ammiel#9199 estaremos haciendo eventos como sorteos,guerra de clanes, farm en guild etc si quieren entrar manden PM a blast snd espero les guste y mucha suerte colores 1blanco 2 negro 3blanco 4 negro para todo melee,diste,magic

Members: 1

Most Wanted

Os mais procurados

Members: 5



Members: 12

Mroczne Demony

Members: 5


Members: 1


Bem vindo ao meu bando! Não temos fardas! Recrutamos:Somente Fãs!!!! Obs:se voce estar nessa guilda então claramente tbm ama One piece🏴‍☠️

Members: 1


1-Não seja toxico 2-não briguem, se matem :D 3-não spamma. pfv 4-sem conteudo adulto 5-respeite as regras e não seje um corno :thumbsup: obs:dps add mais regras :d guerreiro 1- preto 2- azul escuro 3- azul 4- azul arqueiro 1- laranja 2- branco 3- amarelo 4- amarelo mago 1- laranja 2- branco 3- amarelo 4- amarelo

Members: 3


Guild de joueurs Français

Members: 6

My Best Guild

Guild Welcome clan porfanity and slang words are stricly forbidden

Members: 4

My Family

Lost e sua família

Members: 26


Uma guild de magos focados em evoluir HAIL MYSTIC

Members: 5

Mystical Dragon

me alegro que te unas ami guild alianza con mksilina

Members: 32

Mystic Shadow

Em busca do top guilds, Recrutamos skill 180+ Líderes: Kingzerah e Asamy Il Ms

Members: 2

Mythical Killers

Todos são bem vindo na M.K Não toleramos traíra nem falsidade no time

Members: 3

Mythological Gods

Mythological Gods// Clan Español/Spanish. ᳀ Reclutamiento de SKILL 185+ y NIVEL 80+./// ᳀ ᳀ Guilds Aliadas: Angels Of The Light ◇───────◇───────◇◇───────◇───────◇ El hombre que se levanta es aún más grande que el que no ha caído.

Members: 2

My Way

---------------------Moja gildia na moje potrzeby-------------------------

Members: 1

Na Guardians

Members: 5

Nakamura Company


Members: 1

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