Vampires King

Character Information
Name Vampires King
Level 456
Guild Han Guild
Title Vampire King Slayer IV Ultra Rare
Last online about 11 hours ago
Born November 03, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Emiya Shirou Bs , Lord Bunny Snd , Ix Nightwolf Ix , Oxygen Xl , Vampires King and Xz Baker Xz killed Evil Eclipsy - 4 days ago
Vampires King , Xz Baker Xz , Elmatamoscas , Lord Bunny Snd , Xx Fulano Xx , Oxygen Xl , Rxse and Jesusjiji killed Sdr Mtzin Vl - 4 days ago
Greed Zz , Merklii , Jedi Ninja , Pekka Bs , Vampires King and Crb Jesse killed Gabez Knight - 5 days ago

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