Character Information
Name Thehytech
Level 307
Title Offline Melee Trainer IV Ultra Rare
Last online about 9 hours ago
Born November 16, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Santo Deus and Thehytech killed Evil Malandro - 1 day ago
Sv Yt , Didisuiciida , Jp Vedoy and Thehytech killed Sou Mito Jjs - 3 days ago
Thehytech and Didisuiciida killed Mini Leh Il - 3 days ago
Thehytech , Blzinn and Killer Brother killed Il Kyori Il - 4 days ago
Il Hoky Il killed Thehytech - 4 days ago
Thehytech and Lol Kek Cyka killed Sk Samuro Band - 4 days ago
Thehytech and Dr Bola killed Tod Ff - 4 days ago
Thehytech and Jcggo killed Tod Ff - 4 days ago
Thehytech killed Im Chefe Low - 5 days ago
Thehytech and Il Smock Il killed Godlucasz - 6 days ago
Jeckit Vl killed Thehytech - 6 days ago
Gabrielytgam and Thehytech killed Sv Yt - 6 days ago
Thehytech killed Ratao Rei Dela - 6 days ago
Dxmonic Pally and Thehytech killed Gorboskilludo - 7 days ago
Thehytech killed Kevilsssssss - 7 days ago

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