Pekka Bs Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Pekka Bs
Level 462
Guild Bind Souls
Title Lucky
Last online currently online
Born March 19, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Emireth Mxgic killed Pekka Bs - about 4 hours ago
Pekka Bs killed Seta Master - 2 days ago
Seta Master killed Pekka Bs - 2 days ago
Silent Osis , Il Rosemary , Il Vampiroo , Pekka Bs and Death Metal Snd killed Sardorrrrrrrr - 3 days ago
Death Metal Snd , Il Kiritoo Il , Il Rosemary , Pekka Bs and Fdk Wand Xz killed Jesongg - 3 days ago
Pekka Bs killed Mariana Mio - 3 days ago
Kon Retired Tc killed Pekka Bs - 4 days ago
Pekka Bs and Samtiago Utres killed Tobi Tr - 4 days ago
Jhoinerl killed Pekka Bs - 4 days ago
He Train Broo and Pekka Bs killed Jhoinerl - 4 days ago
Josxfb Il Red and Pekka Bs killed Yhos El Pro - 4 days ago
Toxmiccc Bs killed Pekka Bs - 5 days ago

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