Mariasores Supporter

Character Information
Name Mariasores
Level 606
Guild Anjos Da Noite
Title Dragon Slayer VII Legendary
Last online about 5 hours ago
Born December 21, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Jeffrey Dahmr , Nicolau Il Pcr and Mariasores killed Rxdsz - about 5 hours ago
Mariasores and Vinicius Rataza killed Thelock - about 6 hours ago
Mariasores and Vinicius Rataza killed It Vinizin Tv - about 6 hours ago
Panortam , Itz Hellcaty and Mariasores killed Swxxt Touch Crz - about 15 hours ago
Mariasores , Eo Rin Afk Il , Il Dar King Il , Il Minos Xd Il and Groflot killed Hadifh - 1 day ago
Felps De Cria , Sadaori Il Crz , Anjo Da Lok , Boots Of Haste , Killopxd , Ohmyminee , Tellosty Delaz , Mariasores , Vng Teiko Godpt and Gow Kxkane Il killed Wizard Of Ligth - 2 days ago

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