Light Hrd Supporter

Character Information
Name Light Hrd
Level 567
Guild Il Free Fire
Title PvP Master VII Legendary
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born August 10, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Fallen Dzz , Notes Brockly and Light Hrd killed Jack Vr - about 16 hours ago
Light Hrd killed Prof Raden Laut - 1 day ago
Sigma Laron Drk , Light Hrd , Aota and Javiblanco killed Fallen Mxgic - 3 days ago
Axix Onimaru and Nemesis Vn killed Light Hrd - 3 days ago
Srz Marlboro , Paseratti Hrd , Magemasterr Il and Elite Warden Il killed Light Hrd - 4 days ago
Paseratti Hrd , Magemasterr Il , Cm Curse Mxgicz , God Il Blue and Srz Marlboro killed Light Hrd - 4 days ago
Elite Warden Il , Srz Marlboro , Magemasterr Il and Paseratti Hrd killed Light Hrd - 4 days ago
Light Hrd killed Brigader - 5 days ago

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