Jeifd Online

Character Information
Name Jeifd
Level 377
Guild Mente X
Title PvP Master V Legendary
Last online currently online
Born July 03, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Jeifd and Zl Pleyer Zl killed Toxiic Trem - about 10 hours ago
Jeifd killed Henriquelgd - about 13 hours ago
Jeifd killed Hddhsisjowjw - 2 days ago
Jeifd and Stephan Shop killed Tr Mage Xl - 2 days ago
Jeifd and Kxnna killed Namejjj - 2 days ago
Lunxtyc , Eesdxc and Namejjj killed Jeifd - 2 days ago
Jeifd , Lunxtyc and Eesdxc killed Hinoyami - 2 days ago
Jeifd and Living To Henta killed Ill Blade Ill - 2 days ago
Jeifd and Manuelnpc killed Foodog - 2 days ago
Anny Viiiiiiiip and Jeifd killed Op Xx - 2 days ago
Anny Viiiiiiiip , Op Xx and Jeifd killed Ea Ziggy Op - 2 days ago
Jeifd and Anderson Bilili killed Lavaee - 3 days ago
Jeifd and Joao Vintor Br killed Andersonmagic - 3 days ago
Ii Shadowsz Ii , Tsn Dory and Jeifd killed Im Pepe Gaming - 4 days ago
Il Mini Reikage , Jeifd , Knight Bia Sz and Tekash Il Hp killed Void Dragon Ii - 4 days ago

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