Kiuf Online

Character Information
Name Kiuf
Level 190
Guild Fenda Do Biquini
Title Online Trainer IV Ultra Rare
Last online currently online
Born May 24, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Pica Doida and Kiuf killed Hiruko Il Akt - 1 minute ago
Kiuf killed Xxeilansinhoxx - 5 minutes ago
Kiuf and Knd Birrazo Xd killed Elsolador - 12 minutes ago
Kiuf killed Geleia Que Fala - 16 minutes ago
Kiuf killed Benislow - 16 minutes ago
So Upa Skill and Kiuf killed Vinicivs Assasi - 19 minutes ago
Kiuf killed Alexisjs - 21 minutes ago
Gustavodisa killed Kiuf - 25 minutes ago
Kiuf killed Tu No Me Matas - 29 minutes ago
Kiuf killed Ilarieh - 32 minutes ago
Kiuf and Tkr Mystic killed God Zeus Ill - 35 minutes ago
Kiuf killed Jeramias - 39 minutes ago
Kiuf and Jeramias killed Carlos Fabianow - 39 minutes ago
David Atomico and Kiuf killed Djdjdjdndjdjd - 39 minutes ago
Og Azn killed Kiuf - 42 minutes ago

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