Glxzin Sz Supporter

Character Information
Name Glxzin Sz
Level 546
Title Evil Santa Slayer VII Legendary
Last online about 4 hours ago
Born October 01, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Raxtic Mxgic Vl , Il Kann , Xz Devil Shadow and Glxzin Sz killed Kato Magumin Xx - about 4 hours ago
Glxzin Sz killed Bxby Lunar - about 21 hours ago
Kroostz Il killed Glxzin Sz - 2 days ago
Glxzin Sz killed Minizxz Vl - 2 days ago
Glxzin Sz and Zbz Wes killed Aiko Tanaka - 4 days ago
Snd Medus On killed Glxzin Sz - 5 days ago
Glxzin Sz killed Emillynervosa - 6 days ago

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