Character Information
Name Grenrrper
Level 292
Guild Agencia Fantasma
Title Archer II Uncommon
Last online 13 minutes ago
Born December 16, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Grenrrper , Darkness Bdjl and Endymeuovo killed Gold Era - about 3 hours ago
Kirasutiu and Grenrrper killed Xxrpgxx - 1 day ago
Grenrrper and Marcowr killed Empty Wand - 2 days ago
Grenrrper killed Il Rasgacu Il - 3 days ago
Iz Madra Iz and Grenrrper killed Mystical Near - 4 days ago
Grenrrper and Iz Madra Iz killed Mc Fuscao - 4 days ago
Grenrrper and Slade Sz killed Rey Del Atlan - 5 days ago
Manipuladorhs and Grenrrper killed Il Ol Wl - 5 days ago
Hinoyami , Grenrrper , Tigrevurmudd and Satanic Douma killed Wearkk - 6 days ago
Dann Rk killed Grenrrper - 6 days ago
Pedrobolado killed Grenrrper - 6 days ago
Grenrrper killed Belga Matarindo - 6 days ago

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