Gku Zars

Character Information
Name Gku Zars
Level 275
Guild Lotus
Last online about 6 hours ago
Born September 02, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Mateus Pbt and Gku Zars killed Apollyoon - about 16 hours ago
Gku Zars killed Andrew Kkkksskk - about 18 hours ago
Gku Zars and Joaojkl killed Andrew Kkkksskk - about 22 hours ago
Maxcote killed Gku Zars - 2 days ago
Gku Zars and Gabilinda Bdjl killed Jose Si - 4 days ago
Hdvdvdh killed Gku Zars - 6 days ago
Gku Zars and Xx Loli Xx killed Il Arthur Sz - 6 days ago
Gku Zars killed Vinix Sea - 6 days ago
Erikbraga and Gui Negau killed Gku Zars - 6 days ago
Eo Moreno Snd and Gku Zars killed Fakerfun - 6 days ago
Hitkill Real and Gku Zars killed Guilherme Jhu - 6 days ago

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