Elkoko Supporter

Character Information
Name Elkoko
Level 92
Guild Unreal
Last online about 11 hours ago
Born January 29, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Elkoko killed Globusso - about 17 hours ago
Elkoko and Il Bright Flame killed Impuamon Ninja - about 18 hours ago
Il King Sans Il , Rey Misterio Xd and Elkoko killed Joncham - about 18 hours ago
Sub Zero Kun killed Elkoko - about 20 hours ago
Elkoko killed Il Blood Lord - 1 day ago
Impuamon Ninja and Elkoko killed Il Blood Lord - 1 day ago
Il Dark Soloed killed Elkoko - 2 days ago
Nofearsavage and Elkoko killed Tartuskill - 2 days ago
Moreu Foi Low killed Elkoko - 3 days ago
Bull Kroon and Elkoko killed Ganster Crolzy - 3 days ago
Elkoko killed Meiger - 3 days ago
Emmanuepro and Juan Laten killed Elkoko - 3 days ago
Avelpo , Omg Legds and Tu Papi Cheroka killed Elkoko - 3 days ago
Seta Master , Avelpo , Elkoko and Juan Laten killed Pavlemunja - 3 days ago
Ooziivc , Valeri Frtl and Il Rias Gremory killed Elkoko - 4 days ago

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