Carlinho Xl Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Carlinho Xl
Level 456
Guild Red Skull
Title Evil Santa Slayer VI Legendary
Last online currently online
Born July 25, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Jubi Irmao and Carlinho Xl killed Negrosabroso - about 2 hours ago
Carlinho Xl , Gabitoz , Didisuiciida and Gns Lukeu killed Anonimoc - about 3 hours ago
Carlinho Xl killed Flsznn Yt - about 7 hours ago
Carlinho Xl killed Fdk Il Pocoyo - about 20 hours ago
Carlinho Xl , Minionek Il and Emx Nighmare Yt killed Muwahhad - about 21 hours ago
Ijkddo , Carlinho Xl , Nayla Il Edts and Ken Pro Vip Ak killed Pimagae Il - about 22 hours ago
Jack Vr , Sandz Il Ttm , Evil Flecha , Ibliz and Carlinho Xl killed Jorgeuwuxd - about 22 hours ago
Kaotics Dead , Rodagre , Blitz Brigade , Arg Max Terror and Carlinho Xl killed To Queredo Sber - 1 day ago
Lord Henrrique , Aztec Wizard , Daniella Rip Yo , Cataclyss , Carlinho Xl and Panortamdos killed Ll Soluco Ll - 1 day ago
Carlinho Xl , Evil Moni , Bug Joga Facil and Meliodas Wll killed Soulboss - 1 day ago
Gabitoz , Pally Do Yezo , Axix Onimaru , Nirst Needs Cn , Rxmpage Lhk , Shannnn and Carlinho Xl killed Drop For Thc - 1 day ago
Ben Is Back and Carlinho Xl killed Gxardian Raiden - 2 days ago
Wxme and Carlinho Xl killed Pedro Bk - 2 days ago
Cranked killed Carlinho Xl - 2 days ago
Carlinho Xl , Dragon Sama Wx and Arg Krxzy killed Ytil - 2 days ago

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