Batatinha Al

Character Information
Name Batatinha Al
Level 238
Guild Academy Revoltz
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born April 06, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Batatinha Al and Jose Br Pc killed Lucas Uck Br - about 2 hours ago
Kaiub , Batatinha Al , Hjgppppppp , Zoudin and Loud Gs Corno killed Godzyn - about 2 hours ago
Batatinha Al , Teutonico Lucas , Hddkdkdjddd and Warlock Wz killed Jknine - about 2 hours ago
Michel Tk , Warlock Wz and Batatinha Al killed God Thanatos - about 2 hours ago
Warlock Wz , Igor Super Bond and Batatinha Al killed Werlleytunzinho - about 2 hours ago
Rrhxj and Tosh Il killed Batatinha Al - 1 day ago
Batatinha Al , Best Death Il and Tosh Il killed Sir Noob Killer - 1 day ago
Meste Kammy and Destroy Skrap killed Batatinha Al - 1 day ago
Akt Monstax and Batatinha Al killed Tddoispiazada - 1 day ago
Batatinha Al killed Ipponyou - 1 day ago
Zx Mlk Foda Zx and Batatinha Al killed Jhekzon - 1 day ago
Batatinha Al and Gamer Pleyer killed Thanos Boss Il - 1 day ago
Meeliodaass and Batatinha Al killed Chollabiir Jr - 1 day ago
Batatinha Al killed Goldefox - 1 day ago
Hhgjgn and Batatinha Al killed Pica De Cebo - 1 day ago

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