Asg Dany Boy Supporter

Character Information
Name Asg Dany Boy
Level 409
Guild Assasing
Title Blacksmith
Last online 3 days ago
Born April 19, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Asg Dany Boy and Il God Enius Il killed Kirijito - 3 days ago
Il God Enius Il and Asg Dany Boy killed Moxy And Millie - 3 days ago
Sick Leader Pan killed Asg Dany Boy - 4 days ago
Asg Dany Boy , Op Magic Wides , Baron Oscuro and Ajepiheo Il killed God Il Destru - 4 days ago
Il Ryu Dls killed Asg Dany Boy - 5 days ago
Asg Dany Boy killed Chichui - 5 days ago

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