Adan Ftr

Character Information
Name Adan Ftr
Level 221
Guild Super Sangre Joven
Title Vampire Slayer V Legendary
Last online about 9 hours ago
Born July 01, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Karolinz killed Adan Ftr - about 9 hours ago
Rei Kam and Adan Ftr killed Il Dream Il - about 9 hours ago
Adan Ftr , Hdjdbb and Jonathan Uriel killed Giovaiiii - about 10 hours ago
Adan Ftr and Ash Kapzup killed Xxxx King Xxxx - about 10 hours ago
Ash Kapzup and Adan Ftr killed Peep Zc - about 10 hours ago
Skill Kingz killed Adan Ftr - about 15 hours ago
Orgasmic Child killed Adan Ftr - 1 day ago
Sickrecuro killed Adan Ftr - 1 day ago
Losco Il Top Og killed Adan Ftr - 2 days ago
Gm Rucoy Io killed Adan Ftr - 3 days ago
Sick Casidy killed Adan Ftr - 4 days ago
Adan Ftr killed Panquesito Owo - 4 days ago
Adan Ftr and Gontion Jn killed Misalox - 4 days ago
Adan Ftr killed Lilpeep Brasil - 4 days ago
Adan Ftr , Hdjejfb and Atnpinga killed Jgia - 4 days ago

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