The Last Of Us

Líder : xxkelvin (----------------------------)Vice líder : Believe Il //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\\ ADM : ********* //---------------------------------------------------------------\\ Número para ctt : 11980758074(-------------------------------------) AQUI SO ENTRA LV OU SKILL 200+

Members: 1

The Last Shadow

Guild focada em Level e Treino !!! THE LAST SHADOW RECRUTANDO SKILL 350+ e Lv 375+ // OBG "WPP e DC" 💢 Vem pra família TLS Líder: Barba Viking💢 💢 *Ajude a fazer nossa família crescer* 💢

Members: 37

The Last Warriors

🔥👹The Last Warriors👹 🛡️Defender Guild 🏴‍☠️ ☣️☠️💎👲🏻 🤩 Free @.@ 👿🥰 👑Lideres👑 🪬San Miguel 🥵🔥💯 🔥Tlw Reset Vl🥶 ☠️💪 👾Tiburonsito🦈 Honor -Respeto- Lealtad Sangre por Sangre La antiguedad se Respeta Gracias ^-^

Members: 37

The Last World

The Last World | TLW | Discord: tim4504

Members: 1

The League Of Assasins

Hello we are TLOA! We are a family and fight for our self. This Guild is for English ppl and German ppl Have fun and Enjoy the game!If u wanna join Pm: Rasal Ghul or add on Discord Rxvenge#7478

Members: 1

The Legacy Of The Dark

Guild de Jeferson Santos su amigo vendedor de kks compadre Inter y persona más confiable que podrán conocer Sientase cómodo en su guild donde realizamos call boss, farm, charlamos y ayudamos al que necesite ayuda. Esperemos disfrutes tu estancia aquí con nosotros 😅😊

Members: 18

The Legaians

Members: 1

The Legend Off Bankay

I'm The Legend

Members: 1

The Legend Of Infinity

Members: 16

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda guild requires a minimum level/skill of 200. Lost Woods (Guild Owner) Ignorant Me (Placeholder) Ignorant Me (PlaceHolder) Lost Woods (Owner)

Members: 1

The Legends

Guilda nova em fase de recrutamento... Venha fazer parte da família lendária!

Members: 2

The Legendz

👉Welcome to The Legendz.⚡We are The Legendz 🔥.Guild Activities:Farm•BossCall•PvP•Giveaway• Fun⭐.Guild Req : 300+ stats [✔️If u are loyal ,active and good,then no Req]=> 🔫Scamer•Abuser•ksers are not allowed to The Legendz. 💯We want loyal•Good•Active and strong members.💪Allies:Napoleon•Soul Reaper👍 .🔥Join The Legendz For Nothing.Just make yourself like a Legend😎. 💛 Thank you for visiting our guild ♥️

Members: 145

The Legionariz Dc

clan libre albedrio (skill necesaria 200 a 220) aliados (0)

Members: 2


Bem vindos a simplismente a guilda mais resenha desse rucoy, aqui voce encontrará de tudo um pouco, mas principalmente uma guilda leal entre sí Lets, Go Somos Mortal

Members: 9

The Lighting Kingdom

Members: 5

The Littles

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕃𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖𝕤. Recruiting active and continuously progressing players to come join. Discord required. PvP/Farms/Boss calls and more. English based guild. Add “Trentoncs” on discord to join. 𝓛𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓛𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓛𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮𝓼

Members: 3

The Lorax

It is our duty to protect the holy trees that live on this beautiful world! We speak for the trees... We might be weak as a branch but together we can become a strong and powerful tree trunk, working together is the main part of rucoy online, together we can Become a strong living tree. Requirements - 220+ stats

Members: 3

The Lost Faze Empire

bienvenidos a The Lost Faze Empire lider Faze Leo alianza con Mexico interesados al privado y gracias por estar en la guild:D

Members: 23

The Lows

"Nunca é um Adeus"

Members: 1

The Masters

Guilda nova focada em ajudar estamos recrutando// skill 100+ // se tiver whatszap chame mobilekingfc no private mensage/pv//se o mobilekingfc n estiver on e o mariocomcancerk q manda// se n aguenta mais as guildas q pedem farda n se preucupe a farda e livre// alerta se desrespeitar adms ou os lideres e ban temporario pela primeira vez pela segunda o ban e perpetuo// se ficar enteressado estou online no jogo por varios dias//

Members: 3

The Mates

Members: 1

The Matrix

Welcome to the real world.

Members: 2

The Mdz

Recrutamento aberto Numero do líder 85981460581 Numero do vice 38988471271

Members: 11

The Men In Black


Members: 9

The Merchants

The Merchants is a group that aims to lower prices. Diamonds have increased in price by 8k in more than 1 year, that's bad. The way we will accomplish this goal is to get enough gold to buy out most of the stops in a single server, then we will sell those items for a reasonable price. We are technically merchants but we also, bounty hunt, grind, help newcomers and more. If you're interested in our cause, spread the word, donate gold, or even try to join (contact Elvimore#6773 on discord). 💰

Members: 7

The Merchants Guild

Haha yeah ❤️

Members: 33

The Minis

The Minis It's a guild for low levels with lvl Max 175 and 200+ stats of their own levels wanting to become stronger and now united! hail the minis Alliances: Fenda Do Biquíni

Members: 4

The Mixticos


Members: 18

The Monyed

If you wanna join 300 stat required

Members: 2

The Most Dangerous

☠️ The most Dangerous ☠️ 4 najstarszy Polski klan, 2 najstarszy istniejący Polski klan. Klan przeznaczony dla neutralnych graczy, 0 spin.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ | 𝐒𝐨𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐳𝐞:vte | 𝐖𝐨𝐣𝐧𝐲: | Rekrutacja otwarta.🇵🇱🇬🇧

Members: 50

The Most Wxnted

☢️Bienvenidos (HDPRS) Si Te Gusta La Guild Quédate Si No Sácate Alv No quiero Estorbos🤟🏽🔥☢️Reclutando Skill 100+☢️

Members: 5

The Mystic Knights

Members: 1

The Nightmare

Our story in the dark. So, it will end like this...

Members: 1

The Nightmares Warriors


Members: 2

The Night Moon


Members: 1

The Nocturne

Listen to the dark melody. This is the night's call played by a piano.

Members: 8

The Nova

old rulers of the Europe 2 May 2020

Members: 1

The Of Demos

Guild focada em PVP ====================================== Benefícios: Eventos semanais, Torneios, Top Rank ====================================== Recrutamos: Jogadores Skill +200 ou nv 200+ ====================================== "Concentre-se nos pontos fortes, reconheça as fraquezas, agarre as oportunidades e proteja-se contra as ameaças."

Members: 5

The Official

No abuse here Rec stat 100++ Enjoy and stay in this guild🍃

Members: 2

Theo Kings

Recuta Skill 140

Members: 3

The Olympus Infernal

The Olympus Infernal-(TOI) Guild habla castellana skill +300 Contact Leader:LuxPert#9541

Members: 5

The One Percent

Only the TOP 1% allowed🤫. We are exclusive, the 1% shall rule Rucoy in anyway we see fit! We are able to recognize each other through skill and behavior🧐! If We Unite 💪,The One Percent shall show it's influence in all Rucoy economy🤑 and PvP⚔️. If invited, Welcome , you are part of the 1% now✓✓✓

Members: 2

The One Percent Club

Members: 4

The Op Hobos

3 Divine rules for life yo. 1 diet excercise 2 prepare strategize 3 Be A good Person. Any requests for more members? Got a problem with existing member? Good words are good legends and good legends live forever :)

Members: 3

The Op Merch

We are op merchants and we sell make profit and have fun doing it if you have a problem or wanna join. Pm the owner/leader Eli's bae and or on discord at Eli's bae#0694

Members: 1

The Oreo Empire

The Oreo's must unite!

Members: 2

The Original Myths

Don't disturb us... Skilling.

Members: 19

The Originals

Welcome to "The Originals" an NA4, an English-speaking guild. We embrace our name's spirit of unity, exploration, and tradition. Wish to join? DM thelewk on discord for further information. Discover camaraderie, adventure, and your place in our legacy!

Members: 4

The Originals Tyranny

Members: 4

The Outcasts

Members: 1

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