The Merchants

The Merchants is a group that aims to lower prices. Diamonds have increased in price by 8k in more than 1 year, that's bad. The way we will accomplish this goal is to get enough gold to buy out most of the stops in a single server, then we will sell those items for a reasonable price. We are technically merchants but we also, bounty hunt, grind, help newcomers and more. If you're interested in our cause, spread the word, donate gold, or even try to join (contact Elvimore#6773 on discord). 💰

Founded on March 17, 2020


Name Level Join date
Comrade Wolf 26 Mar 20, 2020
Gunmasterlegend 134 Mar 17, 2020
Jalocker (Leader) 128 Mar 17, 2020
Josh De Berserk Supporter 73 Mar 17, 2020
Merchant Shoppe 25 Mar 20, 2020
Petegamer Jam 51 Mar 17, 2020
Shop Daniell 20 Jun 16, 2020
2017 Rucoy Online
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