Starfall Night

Sail On!! The SFN is back, Were recuiting now a new members. Our goal is.. To make people feel comfortable in the game and find them a new friends and also have good experience in the game.. Note: This guild is a starter guild means you can joined or quit anytime you want or if you find new guild ...Our rules was easy Be friendly Dont tashtalk other Be peaceful :Pm or dm ( Night born ) in game for invitation I'll see ya soon ❤

Founded on May 15, 2021


Name Level Join date
Antetokounmpo 200 Jul 07, 2021
Brian Anggrawan 203 Aug 30, 2021
Brubot Second 185 Jul 29, 2021
Fire Warrior Il 335 Aug 06, 2021
Immortal Bloood (Leader) 63 May 15, 2021
Night Born 324 Jun 20, 2022
Overpowerds 210 Jun 08, 2021
Spy Boy 165 Aug 07, 2021
2017 Rucoy Online
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