A guild with very nice and cool people. We accept any level or skill, as long as you are active and chill. We have a very structured government. Pm Skittles, Kullakai, Daddy Doom, Toques, Frog Toes, Janembo, Smiter, or Tim Ya Boi to ask how to join. We also have a Youtube channel! check it out! ALLIES: Faldir

Founded on June 18, 2019


Name Level Join date
Boneldor Supporter 262 Jun 30, 2019
Father Dartz Supporter 435 Jun 18, 2019
Kullakai Supporter 92 Jun 23, 2019
Polebean (Leader) 3 Jun 24, 2019
Smiter 224 Jun 24, 2019
2017 Rucoy Online
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