Dark Axis

There are no skill or level restrictions. (Contact me on the game if you would like to join) Dark Axis is a friendly guild. I'm most likely on around at 10 am to 5-7 pm. If you can't contact me I'm most likely busy I'll be on either the next day or later this day. For information contact me. (You can check without leaving this page by clicking on my name)

Founded on March 16, 2020


Name Level Join date
Axis Forces 14 Jun 29, 2020
Moden Axis (Leader) Supporter 156 Mar 16, 2020
Sir Wick 85 Jul 25, 2020
Spam Kitten 262 Jul 25, 2020
Timmyp 100 Jul 22, 2020
Xmastime 50 Jul 21, 2020
2017 Rucoy Online
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