Crytical The Storm

Welcome to the CTS guild, in our guild there are no better or worse, but there are requirements that cover everyone without exception. We respect, support and make joint decisions. If you do not meet the requirements, write to the leader of Akinorri Btk, We always get along somehow... ;) Requirements: English, Polish language, skills 200+ or ​​lvl 250+. We don't fight, we don't challenge and we don't make a fuss of this guild, it's our ally Alliance with: Il Demon Slayer Il,

Founded on January 22, 2022


Name Level Join date
Alwysytz 150 Mar 07, 2023
Lightforces (Leader) 114 Mar 07, 2023
Pawelmal 315 Jan 30, 2023
2017 Rucoy Online
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