Hello Rucoy. I am making this guild to help support the community with whatever it needs. The people that join me here will be Strong Willed, Level Headed, and Most important of all Friendly to ALL players! I hope we can all Work Together to make the game the best it can be! Disclaimer: Corporate, and The Development Team for Rucoy Online are 2 separate entities that have NO affiliation.

Founded on September 17, 2020


Name Level Join date
Lafitup Supporter 203 Dec 24, 2020
Ludiuce 286 Nov 01, 2020
Noob Fear Supporter 162 Nov 01, 2020
One Combo Man (Leader) Supporter 258 Dec 31, 2020
Opponent Supporter 225 Sep 17, 2022
Psyched Ink Supporter 121 Dec 31, 2020
2017 Rucoy Online
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