Bande De Joyeux Loufoquse

Welcome to the Bdjl Guild, a hardcore guild for hardcore players, a guild of honor, war and love. Readiness is in our hearts and blood, and we shall never change. Hail Bdjl, live long. LEADERS: Toad Bdjl (toadanchamun), Fhurie Bdjl. ~ ~ ~ Want to join? Please contact our recruiters on Discord: Fhurie Bdjl (fhurie) | Ayc Bdjl (s5m) | Magi Bdjl (magi0007) | Aloft Bdjl (aloft_) | Zhuxi Bdjl (zhuxi).

Founded on February 19, 2021


Name Level Join date
Hexi Bdjl (Leader) 1 Aug 05, 2023
2017 Rucoy Online
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