Zed Dyon

Character Information
Name Zed Dyon
Level 453
Guild Blood Spirits
Title Goblin Slayer V Legendary
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born January 26, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Lawrence King and Zed Dyon killed Corrupted Hero - about 14 hours ago
Rivelo Galego , Aya Ykz and Zed Dyon killed Feno Tgf - about 14 hours ago
Feno Tgf and Corrupted Hero killed Zed Dyon - about 14 hours ago
Espanca Pato , Zed Dyon and Acn Nox killed Soy Maria - 1 day ago
Zed Dyon , Mephiles Left and Miyuki Il killed Up One Pix Mage - 2 days ago
Angek Gamerig and Zed Dyon killed Xxopmelexx - 2 days ago
Gil Wellington , Belei Cmr and Zed Dyon killed Corrupted Hero - 3 days ago
Zed Dyon and Gil Wellington killed Fox Zuesk - 3 days ago
Less Rm , Gm Rucoy Mmo and Zed Dyon killed Mago Xereca - 3 days ago

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