Ze Popo

Character Information
Name Ze Popo
Level 250
Guild Dark Empire
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born February 07, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
God Sombrio and Ze Popo killed Lannnnngo - about 2 hours ago
Bleack Demon , Ze Popo and Flash Sparta killed Shazan Wo - about 3 hours ago
Ze Popo , Jones Gh and Daragon Seian killed Seu Cirigueijo - about 3 hours ago
Lucas Bras Pro , Super Lindooooo and Themare killed Ze Popo - about 6 hours ago
Snd Musculoso killed Ze Popo - about 8 hours ago
Ze Popo killed Il Jotaa Il - 1 day ago
Ze Popo killed Endergunter - 1 day ago
Ze Popo , Homentwo and Os Nija Flakes killed Ope Ryan - 1 day ago
Daviaruuda , Renanpw and Ze Popo killed Caner Turk - 1 day ago
Ak Trovao Sml and Ze Popo killed Coronel Tio - 1 day ago
Dhfhfhhjhfhd and Ze Popo killed Low Bz Kevin - 1 day ago
Gui Negau , King Do Game and Ze Popo killed Adventor - 1 day ago
Ze Popo killed Ghost Brasil Sa - 3 days ago
Itigo Meliodas , Dan Gamer Ofc , Bilyyr and Ze Popo killed Op Nick Op - 4 days ago
Tiuti , Mc Catador and Ze Popo killed Khode - 5 days ago

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