Character Information
Name Zblewis
Level 275
Title Magic Archer
Last online about 14 hours ago
Born April 25, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Turk Beratt killed Zblewis - 2 days ago
Zblewis and Sh Jshajahja killed Erik El Skillx - 2 days ago
Magic Vv and Demon Op Il killed Zblewis - 3 days ago
Leonelred and Zblewis killed Kg Crimson - 4 days ago
Testing Bot Sz killed Zblewis - 4 days ago
Andressfelipe and Fox Procircuito killed Zblewis - 5 days ago
Dark Sofia killed Zblewis - 5 days ago
Bixsx and Zblewis killed Kricel Blak - 5 days ago
Zblewis killed Sasuke Fox - 5 days ago

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