Zaze Tuin Supporter

Character Information
Name Zaze Tuin
Level 615
Guild The Evil
Title Ice Dragon Slayer V Legendary
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born March 21, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Pally Kaue Il , Hennsey Thc , Ognik Thc , Zaze Tuin and El Flexa killed Nath Demon - about 11 hours ago
Tempest Xl , Nakroth Og , Evil Kanye Xl , Zaze Tuin and Couki Og killed Evil Maskeiko - about 12 hours ago
Retired Vent Fx , Mestre Mm , Golden Il Bixu , Rtlz , Vosajo , Pally Kaue Il , Petrukyo Snd Il , Kekdksksk Pri and Zaze Tuin killed Malab Il Ectl - 1 day ago
Zaze Tuin and Evil Of Rengoku killed Tg Milos Npc Il - 1 day ago
Tg Milos Npc Il killed Zaze Tuin - 1 day ago
Evil Of Rengoku and Zaze Tuin killed Fox Ykz - 3 days ago

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