Character Information
Name Yyuta
Level 242
Guild Veni Vidi Vici
Title Offline Trainer III Rare
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born October 16, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Gm Rpc and Ykz Ash killed Yyuta - 1 day ago
Yyuta killed Dark Ch - 1 day ago
Dark Ch and Yyuta killed Njdmsns - 1 day ago
Yyuta and Ida Il Acak Lah killed Il Dr Strom Il - 1 day ago
Kiritogmgg killed Yyuta - 3 days ago
Yyuta and Sword Art Oniln killed Kiritogmgg - 3 days ago
Yyuta , Jxuwb and Jun Fa killed Hilal Fly Mntp - 5 days ago
Fulso , Darth Archer and Yyuta killed Il Mal Noob Il - 5 days ago
Yyuta killed Truong Wwww - 5 days ago
Xdddpw and Lxl Bomber Lxl killed Yyuta - 6 days ago
Yyuta and Lxl Bomber Lxl killed Xdddpw - 6 days ago

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