Character Information
Name Xxwixorx
Level 185
Guild Ladys
Title Rogue Knight
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born May 29, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Iasmin De killed Xxwixorx - about 2 hours ago
Divine Zn and Xxwixorx killed Proucurapedroot - about 2 hours ago
Jhfhkrjhfgj killed Xxwixorx - about 3 hours ago
Jhfhkrjhfgj and Xxwixorx killed Xixcrack - about 3 hours ago
Nxgga Is Back killed Xxwixorx - 2 days ago
Sarquero and Xxwixorx killed Destructorq - 2 days ago
Xxwixorx , Edwinarguello and Shu Kurenay Os killed Mrs Bloody Sock - 2 days ago
Joitu killed Xxwixorx - 3 days ago
Jhfhkrjhfgj , Ekkekw and Xxwixorx killed Dnjwndn - 3 days ago

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