Character Information
Name Wesleycosta
Level 304
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born May 08, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Gavoak Killer and Wesleycosta killed Pedro Kaua Dokk - about 14 hours ago
Wesleycosta killed Bearhugger - 1 day ago
Oslow Of Sdd and Wesleycosta killed Trevas Da Noite - 1 day ago
Kick Asz and Wesleycosta killed Mdemarcos - 1 day ago
Mathes King , Wesleycosta and Denis Pro Pvp killed Varao De Fogo - 1 day ago
Wesleycosta and Rivaldo Plak killed La Il - 5 days ago
Wesleycosta killed Kaila Br - 5 days ago
Demon Kaira Nks and Wesleycosta killed Cry Pton - 7 days ago

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