Character Information
Name Webinisx
Level 165
Guild Xxsiervo Carmesixx
Title Knight
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born January 10, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Jorge Queso killed Webinisx - about 6 hours ago
Argyit killed Webinisx - about 9 hours ago
Webinisx killed Naviil - about 9 hours ago
Webinisx killed Vvasilii - about 10 hours ago
Webinisx and Hiemyeungan killed Nhwnguyen - about 10 hours ago
What The Pig , Webinisx , Ulaftroiwf and Old Friend Nt killed Voiguchi - about 10 hours ago
Pokmzx killed Webinisx - 1 day ago
Juliamarianwn , Webinisx and Hamska Of Rbs killed Ella No Te Amaf - 2 days ago
Hj Bg Yuv and Webinisx killed Michalgal - 3 days ago
Doll Exe and Webinisx killed Kqhz - 3 days ago

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