Vomitopopular Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Vomitopopular
Level 289
Guild Primeiro Comando Rucoy
Last online currently online
Born June 18, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Musc Kalidade , Lorddix and Vomitopopular killed Victor Martinez - about 12 hours ago
Victor Martinez killed Vomitopopular - about 12 hours ago
Vomitopopular and Musc Kalidade killed Avendruid - about 12 hours ago
Lost Soul Il and Tkd Orga Itsuka killed Vomitopopular - about 14 hours ago
Vomitopopular killed Grelos - about 14 hours ago
Ggxande and Vomitopopular killed Joaojkl - about 17 hours ago
Vomitopopular killed Decomgm - about 17 hours ago
Vomitopopular , Del King Sz and Babrieul killed Mago Da Lenda - about 17 hours ago
Vomitopopular and Palla Bolado killed Porque Eu Mano - about 18 hours ago
Il Dallas Il , Blade Delas Ons , Oregano Br , Vomitopopular , God Angels , Zeppenfeld , Il Kina Pallyz , Stripped Cs and Alexisjg killed Leonardo Nna - 1 day ago
Vomitopopular and Vng Bellerose killed Pimenta Carma - 2 days ago
Snd Musculoso killed Vomitopopular - 2 days ago
Vmdh Return and Vomitopopular killed Zard Morse Il - 3 days ago
Vomitopopular killed Kaidentro Snd - 3 days ago
Antroz killed Vomitopopular - 3 days ago

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