Vogx Supporter

Character Information
Name Vogx
Level 314
Title Lizard Slayer VI Legendary
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born September 14, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Evil Miglouss killed Vogx - 1 day ago
Vogx and Evil Miglouss killed Lacostado Sz - 1 day ago
Vogx , Evil Light and Lts Macrxdo Il killed Sloomy Kurai - 1 day ago
Vogx , Lts Macrxdo Il , Jhonata Snd and Evil Light killed Yuri Knight Sz - 1 day ago
Vogx , Fullsao , Il Gbziin Il and Lts Macrxdo Il killed Alex Vargad - 1 day ago
Vogx and Slayer Mage Op killed Perfecclonlsta - 1 day ago
Vogx , Urabe Chiquita and Thorqe killed Sllixinn - 1 day ago
Vogx killed Iffy Foxy - 3 days ago
Vogx , Gsd Player and Vuduzinn killed Mortal Lord Il - 5 days ago
Vogx killed Death Gun Sao - 5 days ago

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