Vitjump Supporter

Character Information
Name Vitjump
Level 417
Guild Gods Soldier
Title Drow Slayer VI Legendary
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born November 22, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Vitjump killed Bastor Mc - about 17 hours ago
Vitjump killed Heeee Wacho - about 17 hours ago
Pan Is My Pet killed Vitjump - 2 days ago
Rmito , Vitjump and Ryang Hd killed Fredgrbs - 2 days ago
Vitjump killed Xx Riad Xx - 3 days ago
Vitjump killed Gasossa - 3 days ago
Yl Sasuke Yl killed Vitjump - 3 days ago
Lannnnngo and Nico Orochi killed Vitjump - 3 days ago
Vitjump and Lannnnngo killed Sr Cafezinho - 3 days ago
Gokugamerplay killed Vitjump - 4 days ago
Fjjjsid and Vitjump killed Adammarta - 4 days ago
Shetongamer and Vitjump killed Ooooooooooookkk - 4 days ago
Dj Vilao Ak and Vitjump killed Alfredo El Dios - 4 days ago
Vitjump killed Predactor - 4 days ago
Al Ex Xg Arza and Vitjump killed Predactor - 4 days ago

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