Verymaguila Supporter

Character Information
Name Verymaguila
Level 230
Guild Awaken
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born June 21, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Xx Ryuss Of Akt , Verymaguila and Evil Kira Il killed Kelly Kaira - about 2 hours ago
Lucknut Crz killed Verymaguila - about 5 hours ago
Verymaguila killed Shahamin - about 10 hours ago
Madikkkkk and Verymaguila killed Smokebambou - about 16 hours ago
Batata Lagartix and Verymaguila killed Xyoumama - about 17 hours ago
Liter Boss , Hellrry Botter and Verymaguila killed Zodiaco Creed - about 21 hours ago
Battouz , Black Skul and Verymaguila killed Farm Shop - about 21 hours ago
Verymaguila , Masterfuker and Cndc killed Pasarodocupreto - about 21 hours ago
Verymaguila and Coringao Haha killed Lukinha Bs - about 21 hours ago
Ksylo and Verymaguila killed Derionesol - 2 days ago
Ahmad Aaa and Verymaguila killed Ssjames Ss - 2 days ago
Verymaguila and Il Shadowyy Il killed Li Lucas Li - 2 days ago
Verymaguila and Il Shadowyy Il killed Il Sinistrus Il - 2 days ago
Shadow Imperial and Il Tkig Il killed Verymaguila - 2 days ago
Verymaguila killed Zhauron - 2 days ago

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