Uceml Supporter

Character Information
Name Uceml
Level 352
Guild Il Dark Galaxy Il
Title Archer III Rare
Last online about 5 hours ago
Born October 04, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Kon Neto and Uceml killed Kina Extremo - about 17 hours ago
Kon Neto , Sniper Dsoutien and Uceml killed Stay With Me - about 17 hours ago
Uceml killed Nobrul Alemao - 2 days ago
Nobrul Alemao killed Uceml - 2 days ago
Uceml and Nobrul Alemao killed Akt Exocista - 2 days ago
Uceml killed Yasuo Mono - 3 days ago
Dapirion killed Uceml - 3 days ago
Mateuszzl and Uceml killed Low Ruim - 3 days ago
Luckvssu killed Uceml - 3 days ago
Uceml killed Luckvssu - 3 days ago
Uceml killed Insano Melle - 3 days ago
Mysth Games and Low Ruim killed Uceml - 4 days ago
Doctor Rlp , Low Ruim and Smoukng killed Uceml - 4 days ago
Uceml and Gaduque killed Itachi Sun - 5 days ago
Uceml killed Hd Rucoy - 5 days ago
Gaduque and Uceml killed Il Low Palle Il - 5 days ago

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