Tsa Luska Supporter

Character Information
Name Tsa Luska
Level 271
Guild Warriors Of Ice
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born May 15, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Il Yoda Sz Il and Tsa Luska killed Slowd Br - about 15 hours ago
Tsa Luska and Sealxvyper killed Kauadodj - 3 days ago
Nexus Of Sdd killed Tsa Luska - 3 days ago
Djsssjs , Blachard , Tsa Luska , Aloisiogg , Leiru Udy and Xx Near Xl killed New Angel Dtm - 4 days ago
Tsa Luska , Dios Elio and Sc De Fruta killed Duwerbert Wesle - 4 days ago
Tsa Luska killed Mapqiey - 4 days ago
Tsa Luska killed Hhjjjsjdjd - 6 days ago
Tsa Luska killed Tetettetetetet - 7 days ago

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