God Wizz Online Supporter

Character Information
Name God Wizz
Level 512
Guild Revoltz
Last online currently online
Born January 12, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Thurar , Corote Azul , God Wizz and Il Dandam Il killed Primelland - less than a minute ago
Corote Azul , God Wizz and Ykz Alfred killed Evil Vodka - less than a minute ago
Il Dandam Il , Fxck Rucoy and God Wizz killed Il Xxpapel Il - 1 minute ago
God Wizz , Op Saia Jin , Paulla Ambido , Fxck Rucoy and Black Flash killed Dxnatello - 4 minutes ago
Snd Jigsaw , Scarface Ykz , God Wizz , Op Saia Jin and Thurar killed Evil Vodka - 6 minutes ago
God Wizz , Fxck Rucoy and Antri Ykz killed Demon Undead - 6 minutes ago
Doctor Tenshi , Noxz Il , Demon Onurb and God Wizz killed Demon Undead - 7 minutes ago
God Wizz , Thurar and Demon Onurb killed Primelland - 7 minutes ago
Shinnok Il killed God Wizz - 8 minutes ago
God Wizz killed Kung Lao Il - 8 minutes ago
God Meirelesz , God Wizz , Twoduck Ykz , Ykz Batman and Xkenji killed Akt Zezin - 8 minutes ago
Scarface Ykz , God Wizz , Ykz Batman and God Meirelesz killed Evil Vodka - 9 minutes ago
Scarface Ykz and God Wizz killed Shinnok Il - 13 minutes ago
God Wizz , Snd Deusa Eva , Black Flash , Paulla Ambido and Akashi Ykz killed Kung Lao Il - 14 minutes ago
Snd Deusa Eva , God Wizz , Akashi Ykz and Scarface Ykz killed Shinnok Il - 14 minutes ago

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